Chemotherapy – How Does It Help In Liver Cancer Treatment

Liver cancer is now a common cancer problem where the patients are increasing each year. It is a deadly disease that should be treated at an early stage for a better result. The risk of life increases with the rise in the stage. Hence, a proper check-up is recommended if an individual finds any of liver cancer. For this, pick the best cancer hospital for Liver Cancer Treatment in India. Choose the best hospital that has cured cancer patients and is listed among the top hospitals in India.

The treatment of liver cancer mostly comprises chemotherapy. We know that chemo is a drug that helps to destroy the cancer cell and is very effective in treating different cancers. In the systemic chemotherapy treatment, this drug is injected into the veins or given through mouth.

When this drug flows into the bloodstreams and reaches different areas of the body, it makes the cancer treatment more effective and prevents the cancer cells from spreading over different parts of the body. Oncologists say that in certain conditions, liver cancer resists some of the chemo drugs.

Few drugs are proven very effective as systemic chemo in the treatment of liver cancer. Such drugs include – doxorubicin (Adriamycin), 5-fluorouracil and cisplatin. As per the cancer treatment for liver cancer, these drugs are able to shrink only a small portion of the tumors.

Moreover, the response of such chemo drugs also lasts only to a certain time and not for a long time. Doctors use a combination of such drugs to make it more effective and provide complete care and treatment for liver cancer. As a result, it is experienced from the past patient’s history that chemo has not helped patients to live for long after the complete treatment.

With the no satisfactory response from systemic chemo, oncologists and cancer surgeons use alternative methods to put the chemo drugs directly into the hepatic artery. This method is providing more satisfactory results.

This new technique is known as hepatic artery infusion that helps chemo to go directly into the hepatic artery. As per the report, it is known that most of the chemo breaks down before it reaches the rest of the body in a healthy liver. This method provides more chemo to the tumor but does not have any major side effect. Important drugs used in this method include – floxuridine (FUDR), cisplatin, mitomycin C and doxorubicin.

As chemotherapy is a common and primary process to cure liver cancer, it is necessary to know about the common side-effects. Chemo drugs directly attack cells and it works against the cancer cells. However, the healthy cells of the body get damage like the lining of the mouth, bone marrow and intestines.

Thus, contact a Cancer specialist in Delhi and get a complete guide on chemotherapy for the cure of cancer. As per the history of cancer patients so far, the side-effects of chemo does not last long and patients recover soon once the treatment gets over.