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Choosing Good Work Outfits For The Office

Description: In this compiled blog post, I’ll talk about some of the ways in which you can make good wardrobe choices for the office. These will not only give you a professional look but will also make you feel comfortable in your skin.

Anna Wintour once famously said that ‘It’s always about timing…’

And as a fashion designer, I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Because whether you like to admit this or not, clothes always send a message. A red Armani blouse worn with a deep neckline sends a different signal than an ivory pantsuit. The same can be said of the mother-of-pearl studded necklace and another one that contains a jade crystal instead. What you choose to wear on the outside is strongly reflective of the person you are on the inside. Just check out the 2009 blockbuster hit Confessions of a Shopaholic, watchable with Comcast Double Play Deals, to know what I’m talking about. See how the main character Rebecca Bloomwood (played by Isla Fisher) cleverly gets her way through pre-planned outfit choices. Even when they end up leaving her in a horrible debt by the end of her crazed adventures!

Choosing Good Work Outfits For The Office

Your Wardrobe Sends a Message

The power of clothes and your overall appearance, in general, becomes an even more important factor in office settings. In most offices, employees (from the senior managers to the ground working resources) are normally expected to dress formally. This standard dress code has changed a little bit in recent years – for which the Silicon Valley I.T culture is to credit (or blame).

Nowadays, some companies allow their workers to wear casual fitting T-shirts and skirts, but these have to be worn with some caution. Because as anyone who’s ever worked in an office can tell, you really don’t want to send a bad impression to your colleagues. It is often said that male workers get the wrong signal when their female peers innocently choose to reveal a little bit of skin.

Two Ways of Dressing Appropriately for the Office

No company, of course, wants to be involved in messy affairs. And so their commitment to a strict dress code is fully justified.In this post, I’ll discuss 2 ways in which you can ensure that your office wardrobe is always appropriate. These dressing tips will not only make you feel (and look) good but will also give you a charismatic outlook. In this way, your outfits can become something like your daily ‘good luck’ charms. Because they always do have an impact on the people you cross paths within your workplace.

So you’d better start taking some notes if you want to learn something that is truly worth-your-while!

  1. Follow the 90 by 10 Percent (Formal/Informal) Rule

If you follow this ‘highly original’ rule of thumb on a daily basis, you are safe. Simply choose to dress formally up to a full 90 percent of your overall clothes profile. This means putting on the full-sleeved & collared shirt, the necktie, the polished boots and the crease-straightened coat & trousers. But to give your outfit a little bit of a mellow and cool ‘zing’, try to break all this serious professionalism with a little bit of contrasting color.

Choosing Good Work Outfits For The Office

A lightly shaded handkerchief, or socks, or even an exotic-looking pen can do. This ‘calculated shattering’ of your image is important – because it makes you look approachable.

  1. Never Wear Your Workout Clothes Underneath

Most office buildings these days come equipped with their very own gym, sports, and recreational spaces. These are meant to provide some carefree downtime to employees, and an opportunity to focus on their health & fitness goals. In order to enjoy these facilities, many office workers choose to wear their workout clothes underneath their office gear. Perspiration has a way of ruining your general appeal like nothing else – and coming on top of any perfumes or body sprays that you apply.

 So a good way of staying clear of this risk is to always put on a fresh pair of clothes after working out. Recently, I was talking with Frontier Internet Prices sales rep regarding the issue of workplace dress codes and rules. And he agreed with many of the points that I made – including the ones listed here. The conversation, strangely enough, came about because I had won the service’s annual lottery – based on a question about proper workplace attires and looks. The bottom line is this: Dress in accordance with the message that you want to give. And don’t overdo it!