Cigar Connoisseurs – Types of Gurkha Cigars to Buy Online

Gurkha Cigars

Gurkha Cigars have a deep-rooted history. They came into being in the year 1887, during the British rule, when colonial soldiers made their own cigars using the local tobacco. The British soon came to admire the Nepalese soldiers, thereby naming the cigars Gurkhas. The cigars have now evolved into a rich, legendary product steeped in history, and is counted amongst the popular brands of quality cigars across the globe. With their extraordinary quality and rich tobacco blends, Gurkha Cigars online have some rare and limited editions available, packed in artistic boxes.

To begin with, some of the most famous and refined Gurkha Cigars include the following:

Gurkha Ghost Angel

The luxurious smoking experience offered by Gurkha Cellar Reserve Cigars comes alive with the Ghost Angel variety, which is made of the finest and most rare tobacco strains. Many cigar connoisseurs around the world have made this particular line their favorite, making it one of the most popular releases. This particular cigar is handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, showcasing a very dark and spotted Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper. The binder is a matured Dominican Criollo 98, and the fillers are a carefully chosen blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. These are made in Abe Flores’s factory (of Pinar del Rio Cigars). The Gurkha Ghost boasts of a medium-bodied, dark and gritty looking belicoso which is infused with the rich flavors of grass, a delightful cereal finish, wood, and hickory. The well-trained eye will see that this cigar burns evenly with its flawless construction. The shiny black box it comes in is accented with elegant silver highlights. Each box has 21 premium 6-inch long cigar sticks with a ring gauge of 52.

Gurkha Bourbon Collection Toro

This is a brand new and premium cigar made by infusing Hartfield & Co Kentucky bourbon. The Toro sized vitola is carefully handcrafted using a small batch of bourbon. The natural wrapper preserves the flavor of the blended tobacco fillers sourced from special, undisclosed locations. Toro offers a complex taste with hints of oak, barley, vanilla, rye, and caramel. The cigars are then individually packed in glass tubes with wax seals, guaranteeing a fresh experience every single time.

Gurkha Cellar Reserve Edicion Especial Kraken

This particular variety was introduced in 2014 at IPCPR Trade Show as the third of the Gurkha Cellar Reserve Cigars. It was handmade in Tabacalera Las Lavas S.R.L. and offers a full-bodied, full-flavored cigar experience. It is neatly wrapped in a Dominican Corojo wrapper and comes with an 18-year old Dominican filler and binder. This is a special edition cigar of which only 1000 boxes are made in a year, making it a true Collector’s Edition. The packaging is a classy piano finished a mahogany box of 20 cigars.

The Gurkha Cellar Reserve Limitada Hedonism

The Gurkha Limitada Hedonism variety is a unique encore addition to the Cellar Reserve line. It features a dark Maduro Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, unlike the oily Criollo wrapper of the Gurkha Cellar Reserve. It s likeness to fine wine appeals to its patrons – it only gets better as the tobacco ages. The aged Dominican, Olor binder and matured Dominican tobaccos give forth a smoke that carries hints of spices, chocolate, and raisins. The cigars have a refined band and a pigtail cap, and 20 of these come in an attractive black box, with a ring gauge of 58.

The Gurkha Ghost Asura

Many cigar connoisseurs around the world have come to love yet another variety of the Gurkha Ghost Series; like the Gurkha Ghost Asura. It is made of the rarest and finest tobacco by the workforce of Abe Flores of Pinar del Rio Cigars. It features a dark Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper and an aged Dominican Criollo 98 binder. The fillers are carefully selected from a variety of Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. It is a heavy, decadent cigar, offering flavors of a sweet yet rich peppery tobacco. It lets out its flavors and textures in layers, from smooth to creamy, leading up to an oily finish. 21 Toro size cigar sticks, 6 inches long with a ring gauge of 54 are packaged in a shiny black box, accented with elegant silver highlights.

Gurkha is known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the cigar world and has converted patrons ranging from royalty, celebrities, military officials and the world’s elite. The packaging is a class apart, and every Gurkha cigar is a testament to the fine quality, workmanship, and history that gives a luxurious smoking experience with every puff.