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Citric Acid – The All in One Preserver, Cleaner and Balancer

A big thanks to the Persian alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayyan as just because of him we have been introduced to the single most important flavoring and preserving agent – Citric Acid which is also known as the E330 to the scientific fraternity.

Citric Acid

Although technically it is a weak acid it has quite a strong presence in food, chemicals, and dyes as well as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry worldwide.

Biological And Chemical Details Of Citric Acid

Appearing as a crystalline powder, when left at room temperature, the citric acid belongs to the family of carboxylic acids, though a little stronger than the rest. To the chemists and researchers, it is also known as C6H8O7. An intermediate in the citric acid cycle, it also has significance in biochemistry, with a notable role to play in the metabolism process of living beings.

Quick Facts

Enough has been said about the biological and chemical details of acid, time now for some quick facts! This class of acid though often confused with Vitamin C, it may be important to know that Citric acid has got nothing to do with Vitamin C. You may want to remember that whenever you purchase lemons in the desire of taking natural Vitamin C supplements, that its actually a citric acid that makes its presence felt in these fruits with the sour taste. The C factor can be truly confusing for the citizens who have the least idea about all these particularities.

Usage Of Citric In Different Fields

Next, we come to the usage of Citric in other fields. At this point, it may be important to note that for binding metals there are only a few that go above this class of acid. Its role as a chelating agent is well known in the industrial sectors worldwide. This apart, the acid also finds application as a cleaning agent in the manufacturing industries. Evaporators and Boilers often suffer from the accumulation of scales in the course of time and with constant usage. To get rid of these scales, citric acid is brought into play.

Citric Acid – The Ultimate Cleaner

Can’t think of a possible way to clean your toilet bowl. Well, buy yourself a bottle of any carbonated soft drink and pour it in. Now wait for an hour or so and then flush it off and see the result. It’s again the C factor. Citric Acid has the necessary properties that can remove any kind of stain from vitreous china, used for manufacturing toilet essentials. Not only this, but Citric Acid can also help remove grease stains from your clothes so that you no more have to do away with your clothes to deal with irremovable and stubborn stains.

Where To Buy Citric Acid?

After knowing all these interesting facts about this ultimate product, one must wonder where to buy citric acid

Well, in today’s computerized world, there is no need to go anywhere to purchase anything. As one can get everything at his or her doorstep by ordering online. There are various online stores that offer citric acid at a very affordable price. You just have to sit relax in front of your computer or laptop and do thoughtful research. You will get a long list of all the retailers from whom you can easily buy citric acid.

Citric Acid – The Final Verdict

With an all-pervasive presence as seen above, Citric Acid is a very useful product or we can say that it is a complete package of what you actually need in your daily routine – A preserver, cleaner and balancer. One can also find this ultimate combo in discount as numerous websites also offer citric acid on sale.