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Coffee Industry B2B Wholesale Dealers must know these Facts

Of all beverages consumed; the coffee is the most popular of them all. A person who is passionate about coffee will have all the information about the types, sizes in which they are served and the material as well. But for those who just drink it to stay fresh will may only know one or two types.

Types of Popular Coffee Drinks:

But this not knowing can’t be the case with the businessmen who want to become B2B Wholesale Dealers of the growing coffee industry. They have to be informed about even the minute details like which type of coffee drink is popular amongst the population.


When half espresso coffee is combined with an equal amount of foam then you get Breva. It is thought to be a desert by many as it was considered to be a simple cup of coffee by others. The texture is creamier; the taste is sweeter and thicker than other traditional coffee kinds.


It is a thinner version of the coffee that people drink. For the coffee lovers who are in search of the jostle that coffee gives then Americano is the one drink, they must have. Although it is very liquidity it gives the same kick start to the mood.


For strong coffee drinkers, cappuccino is the one they must try. The streamed milk along with milk foam and espresso is combined to make a foamy drink. It can also be taken with ice and is called Frappucino.

Café Au Lait:

This is a coffee to be taken on a cold day. Although, not strong enough like the Americano or espresso but still it is good for cold weather. A reason for its popularity is that it is the easiest one to make.


There are many coffee lovers who love to combine chocolate in their drinks. Instead of steamed milk the coffee is mixed with hot chocolate. Another variation given to Mocha is adding only chocolate syrup to the coffee.


There are two ways you can drink this coffee; one is by ordering a customized Latte in a shop or prepare it at home using a machine. To create extra foamy Latte; you can use soy or almond milk instead of the ordinary one. But be careful to look for less foam on the cup if you have ordered Latte.


When the coffee is served in a large glass that has a layered effect; it is called Macchiato. This name is given to the coffee because of the color that it has and the name literary means stained milk. The iced version is also popular amongst people all around the world.

B2B Wholesale Dealers Know these Facts:

Before you connect to a platform for your business like Order Circle; it is important for companies to know some vital facts that can make dealing in the coffee industry easy and connecting with the clients and customers comfortably.

Second Largest commodity Used:

Coffee is the largest selling and drinking commodity after the crude oil industry. Surprised to learn that it has a wide business? It is a worldwide growing business which has accede commodities like corn, gold, sugar, oil and natural gas.

Most Widely Consumed Drink:

It has been estimated that over 500 billions of coffee cups are consumed almost in a year. The Italian kinds of coffee are the most popular type of coffee drink flavors that are made of the majority of coffee lovers.

Source of Employment for Many:

As it is a well-known fact that the coffee industry is the largest business in the world; but not most of you know that almost above 25 million people are associated with this business and make a living for themselves in the countries like Caribbean, South America, Asia, Central America, and Africa.

Just two Kinds are there:

Learning this fact must be shocking for you because above it has been discussed about the different kinds of drinks are served all over the world. But it is true that there are basically only two types of coffee; Robusta and the Arabica.

Developing Countries produce more:

Most of the coffee that is grown in the world is manufactured by developing countries. Three most prominent coffee grower countries of the world are Columbia, Brazil, and Vietnam.

Direct Dealing with Growers:

The coffee industry is the only business that enables the importers and exporters to directly deal with the growers. There will be no third party involved in the dealing and the profit will be higher.

Growing Coffee in the Sun:

Traditionally coffee was grown in the shade but because of the deforestation, the availability of shade has become shorter. The planters and growers had to find ways to develop new techniques of growing the coffee in the sun.

It was Considered Dangerous:

This last fact must be closely looked into by the B2B Wholesale Dealers because coffee was considered as dangerous because it was thought to be the cause of violence, riots, and other devilish things. But it was all the influence of the age and the coffee was blamed for it.