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Complete Guide About Various Type of UV Laser Marking Machines

Since most of the business, today thrives on inventive and accurate manufacturing and laser machines are high in demand and expedient to use as well. The machines are used in a diversity of industries right from industrial to domestic and are considered for its suitability. The machines have been intended to make enduring marks on numerous metals like gold, copper, platinum, silver, and titanium flawlessly. The outcomes obtained with this are tremendously fast and precise as related to other old-style methods.

There is the number of marking as well as laser machines that are used in the industry nowadays. To know more about various types of manufacturing machines read the complete piece of write-up!

Quality of the UV laser marking

The machines using this UV laser marking method creates a long-lasting imprint on the metal surface. The pattern of the design to be marked is entered into the regulator which then initiates the laser beam to transfer over the surface consequently. The instant the UV beam hits the surface; a reaction takes place in which the metal softens to form a mark which is enduring and more exact in appearances.

Quality of the UV laser marking

There are numerous types of marking approaches available under this expertise. Some of them are:

  • Removing: In this procedure, the beam eliminates the upper covering of material to craft a mark. The variance in the color of upper coat and substrate forms a mark.
  • Annealing Marking: In this process of UV laser machine marking the laser beam generates oxidation procedure. The oxidation procedure produces the change in color, and a mark or design is formed.

The methods are accomplished crossways numerous manufacturing verticals. Both these approaches are extremely simple for the worker and economical.

Diverse types of UV laser marking depending upon the source

There are numerous types of systems today depending upon the kind of source of radioactivity it uses in the machine for the design process. The main types are

  • Fiber laser marking system
  • Co2 marking system
  • End diode marking system
  • Deep Engraving laser marking system
  • Different forms of industries choose diverse setups depending upon the power, product surface, and source etc. according to their precise requirements.

Advantages of using Laser Metal Marking Machine    

  • Using this laser technology has many advantages over the old-style marking methods. Some of them are enumerated below:
  • It is a simple and contactless marking technique and hence does not affect the reliability of the metal structure.
  • Unlike old-style methods, the mark engraved on the surface is long-lasting and cannot be damaged simply.
  • The outcomes obtained by a laser are far improved than any other old techniques like pin marking or pad printing in terms of accuracy and superiority. Also, it gives an extra advantage of low maintenance and almost zero consumables with this technology, hence diminishing the running rate of the company.
  • All the Laser Metal Marking machines are organized by computer and are stress-free to retain and operate.
  • The laser machines use a Windows-based regulator for simplified operations.
  • The Use of this latest technology saves time and energy and hence diminishes the manufacturing cost.
  • A person with a little knowledge and experience of this process even can easily operate 4-5 machines decreasing the manual labor cost.
  • These machines can even run without consumables and need a little maintenance.

Quality of the UV laser marking

Flexibility Utilized Precisely

The UV laser machine can be used for various metal surfaces of any size and shape. The item to be marked can be tubular, horizontal, pointed or of any other shape. Accuracy is the significant feature of a marking. Every design is etched flawlessly as per the plan entered in the regulator. Hence, Serial numbering machine embedded with a laser is the best solution when it comes to numbering various types of metal surfaces. These machines remain controlled simply through a computer system. It should be distinguished that the center of the machine is warm and it can heat the material or create glass effect. With laser engraving, there is no requirement for any engraving to be done.

Laser cutting has also proven itself as a prodigious selection when cutting custom sheet metal. This has become a substitute to the conventional machining practices. In point of fact, laser cutting procedure is said to be the cleanest and most detailed technique to cut this type of material. There are numerous benefits of using this machine depending on what you want to accomplish.

Nowadays, a lot of folks and businesses want to shift from the conventional machining practice and embrace the practice of modern laser etching machine. While this is suggested, still it is interesting for some persons to buy this product. There are some significant factors that you should consider in order for you to get the correct laser cutting or etching machine that you need.

The type of job that needs to be done by UV laser machine would help you find the true and most appropriate product for you. As believed previously, laser machines are beneficial in etching metal while laser cutting is also prodigious for cutting sheet metal. There are numerous kinds of these machines and they all vary in excellence, practice, and rate. This can make the procedure of buying even more exciting particularly because there are numerous manufacturers and products of these machines.

 Bottom line

Lastly, the price is a significant factor when buying UV laser machine and cutting machines. Based on the kind of the machine, you will certainly find an extensive assortment of them at numerous prices. You should relate the costs of this machinery first from numerous sellers and merchants to decide their market worth and find a reliable online supplier that offers more reasonable products. Buying these manufacturing machines online is one of the finest ways to find not just an extensive selection but also a variety of brands that are reasonable but appropriate to your needs.