Comprehensive Singapore Dental Care

Dental Care

The importance of brushing is told to children when they get introduced to a toothbrush. The wisdom of dental care has to be imparted to children right from an early age to prevent tooth decay and other problems associated with poor oral hygiene. Poor brushing skills often result in the buildup of plaque, tooth cavities, and gum-related diseases. The downside of Oral lousy health is not limited to mouth but is connected to the overall well-being of an individual. The risk of heart stroke, diabetes, and cancer can arise from poor dental care. Dental clinic Singapore aims to educate everyone about the benefits of good oral care.

Benefits of oral care

Rinsing your mouth after consumption of food and beverages is the fundamental step to having good oral health. This reduces the chances of tooth decay. Decaying of the tooth is primarily caused by the food left between teeth. The sugars which are dissolved from food attract bacterial growth. This results in bad breath and the formation of cavities in the tooth. Proper oral care keeps tooth sensitivity at bay and reduces the chances of getting root canal treatment. Preventive care is what reduces the expenses of restoration treatment. With proper oral care, you can get good gum health and lesser the risk of diabetes and stroke. 

How to achieve good oral care?

Brushing teeth twice a day, before going to bed and in the morning, reduces the build of plaque and removes bad breath. Flossing between teeth is the key to remove tiny food particles that are unreachable by a toothbrush. A dentist can tell you right brushing and flossing techniques to keep the teeth clean. Rinsing with water after meals is also an excellent way to remove food particles stuck on gums and teeth. Dental appointments are necessary once or twice a year to check the condition of teeth. 

What to expect from a dental exam procedure?

Getting a dental examination is a part of preventive treatment. Many people dread the visit to a dentist due to the fear of the unknown. The dental exam works well if you find a good clinic and a dentist that makes you comfortable. Depending on the buildup of plaque on teeth, cleaning is recommended as a preventive measure. Neglecting teeth cleaning can give rise to severe problems like tooth cavities and tooth loss. Teeth cleaning will ensure the good health of gums and teeth. 

Evaluation of oral hygiene and risk of tooth decay are done in a regular dental checkup. If the tooth decay is prevalent, the dentist will evaluate if the gums and bones associated with the tooth are intact or not. Restorative procedures are advised to patients to regain oral health. Other problems related to the tooth are bite problem and jaw health. There are many dental procedures related to oral care and beauty, like restorative treatment and cosmetic treatment. Curative dental treatment aims to regain oral health while cosmetic dentistry is all about enhancing the beauty of teeth and smile appearance. 

General dentistry: General dentistry involves different procedures related to teeth examination to find out the underlying problems of oral hygiene. General dentistry is usually followed by the restorative dentistry to ensure timely treatment of oral issues without making the situation worse.

Restorative dentistry: All the dental procedures that are done to keep the mouth healthy and in a functional form fall under restorative dentistry. The dental procedures are mostly concerned about filling the tooth cavities, the use of implants to cover the missing teeth, or cover the gaps with bridges and dentures in case of tooth loss. Most of the time, restorative dentistry is followed by cosmetic dentistry if the patient desires to get beautiful teeth along with healthy teeth. 

Cosmetic dentistry: Cosmetic dentistry involves any dental procedures like teeth whitening, braces, and fixing chipped teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth. Teeth whitening Singapore service aims to remove the discoloration of the teeth to make them look healthy. However, teeth whitening procedure works on natural teeth enamel and offers a disastrous impact on implants or veneers. Veneers are porcelain shells that are fitted on teeth to change the color and shape of teeth permanently. They are responsible for giving a perfect smile, which you often see on celebrities. 

Bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure to fix the chipped-off teeth. Bonding has to be redone after a few years by the dentist, depending on the oral habits of the patient. Another cosmetic dental procedure that can alter the way your teeth look is contouring. Every aspect of the teeth, like size, shape, and position, can be corrected with contouring. This procedure can only be done on healthy teeth as the method involves laser use and sanding of the tooth. Patients with crooked teeth that overlap with adjacent teeth and have undesired angles can be reshaped with the help of contouring. 

Dental care has grown leaps and bounds ahead with the evolution of technology. One such latest dental innovation is all on four implants. It is a lot of pressure and strains on the bone structure in the mouth for patients to use implants for all the damaged teeth. This all on four implants helps the patient to fix false teeth or dentures on just these four implants. The two implants on the top and two on the bottom serve as anchors for a whole set of dentures. The cost of all on four implants varies depending on the type of material used for implants.

Emergency dental care

Often there will be times when you seek a dentist in the middle of the night for dental emergencies. Cavities and root canal treatments do not come under dental emergencies. Injury to teeth, jaw, gums, and other soft tissues in an accident or fall, followed by excessive bleeding or pain, constitute a dental emergency. Seek a dentist as soon as possible to mitigate the pain and bleeding during a dental emergency. Save knocked out teeth as the dentist can help to restore the natural teeth to their normal position if possible.