Corporate Function Catering: A Great Way to Make the Corporate Event a Success

Corporate Function Catering: A Great Way to Make the Corporate Event a Success

Great food is always a mood enhancer. Corporate events are successful when they can elicit wholehearted participation from the attendees and sustain audience interest throughout the course of events. Sustaining interest implies that participants are enjoying the event and what can be best than gifting them with some great food experience.

Corporate events are a very common occurrence nowadays. They have become a part of any company’s sales promotion strategy. They have now acquired a very competitive nature. One of the goals of any such event is to impress the participants. The food plays a key role in bringing people together, whether it is for a celebration or having a discussion together. Hence, Corporate Function Cateringagency is an important partner in this exercise.

Corporate Function Catering

Selection of Catering Agency

The event planning team which is responsible for the selection of the catering agency has clear specifications laid down for them. This includes the nature of the event, the purpose of the event, and the intended guest list as also the budget allocated. Depending on these aspects, the venue is selected which suits the capacity, facilities offered, pricing and preferred location requirements. To make a corporate event a success, it becomes imperative that you should carefully handpick the corporate function catering company. These agencies have experience of handling corporate events on both a large and small scale and hence know how to make the food division run seamlessly. So, while shortlisting them, you need to consider the following parameters:

  • Testimonials from previous clients
  • The flexibility of menu options
  • The eagerness in offering good suggestions conducive for the event
  • Menu sampling option
  • Quality of service staff
  • Budget constraints, etc.

Signing a detailed contract with the vendor will make everything go as per plan. You don’t need to spend time arranging the counter or looking after the guests. A professional company would know how to handle such events and also has trained staff which takes over the complete charge of the work. Make sure that the vendor provides selected menu options, table, and dining accessories to be provided, serving counts, services included, service staff responsibilities and all related pricing should be clearly stated as part of the contract. Cross-check if the vendor has included the cancellation policy in it and also included the procedure for the same.

Role of the Catering Agency

Their responsibilities include providing refreshments that include food and beverages, service and conduct of the catering staff like the chef, managers, servers, and others. Some even take over the venue decoration, acoustic set up and entertainment for the event. To sum it up, they can make or mar the event whether it is a business meeting, technical conference, and excursion or bring along family type corporate event. The Corporate Function Catering agency you choose, hence, makes a big difference.

Menu Planning

Menu planning is a crucial aspect and a professional corporate function catering agency will take into account different aspects like:

  • Number of guests
  • Their food preferences
  • Type of event
  • Budget
  • Special dietary needs
  • Religious food preferences etc.

Break Food Menus

Many times, corporate events span over the entire length of the day or sometimes are multi-day programs. In such cases, the catering has to accommodate scheduled intermediate breaks in addition to the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner times.  The caterer can provide à la carte or pre-packaged meal options.


Despite all the exhaustive planning by the event management team, the performance of the catering agency is crucial. Ultimately the quality of food, menu selection, and service will determine the success of the corporate event catering. So, the Corporate Function Catering agency is an important part of a corporate event. The above parameters will ensure that you have the right Agency working for you.