Cypress Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

5 Uses and Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil Everyone Should Know 

Cypress essential oil is a completely natural product extracted by steam distillation method in large quantities from the wood of the perennial Cypress trees.

It is a lesser-known essential oil with medicinal properties; that you can easily mix with citrus and floral oils for hair and skin treatments, add fragrance to your cosmetic products, and so much more. 

If you have not used this essential oil before, these are some of the best Cypress essential oil uses for relieving health problems at home. 

Boost Lymphatic Drainage

Water retention and swelling in the body is a common health complication in several people. You may see unusual puffiness in the lower parts of the body especially the feet. This also indicates that there is severe water clogging in various parts of the body due to poor lymphatic drainage. 

Cypress essential oil is beneficial for regulating your lymphatic circulation in the body. Mix a few drops of cypress oil with a carrier oil (massage oil). You can massage this oil starting from the lower region moving upwards all over the body. 

Note: Do not exert any type of pressure during the upward massage. 

Do this once a week to regulate the flow of the lymphatic liquid to the heart. You can alternatively try dry brushing method to get added results. 

Reduces Pain and Swelling in Varicose Veins 

Varicose veins are extremely painful problems causing the veins close to the surface of the skin to bulge out. The condition becomes worse when you have to keep standing for long hours. 

As it is already known that you cannot exert pressure during massage on the weak or damaged varicose veins. However, a gentle massage with diluted cypress essential oil can reduce the swelling, greenness, and pain syndromes. 

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Mitigate Cold and Coughs

Camphene in cypress oil is extremely beneficial for suppressing coughing. You can use cypress oil in warm water for steam therapy to reduce the problem.  

If you have concentrated oil, you can dilute it in a carrier oil or add few drops into the warm vapour before inhaling. You can also this oil to any diffuser to reduce cough and cold problems. 

Pimple and Acne Treatment

You can prepare pimple and acne treatment serum at home with some essential oils including cypress oil. 

In a glass bowl, pour about 6 drops of cypress oil and ylang-ylang oil each. To this, add 2-3 drops of vetiver essential oil. Mix this with an ounce of carrier oil preferably tamanu oil. Mix all the ingredients well and store in a brown airtight container. 

This is your homemade serum for pimple and acne treatment. At bedtime, remove makeup from your skin; rinse your face with a soap-free face wash to remove all dirt, oil and grimes. Now apply this serum, go to bed and forget all about your pimples. 

Hair Care

Cypress oil is extremely beneficial for hair care while reducing some common hair and scalp related problems. One of the most helpful Cypress oil benefits for hair is improving the blood circulation of the scalp. 

You can use a carrier oil (preferably extra virgin coconut oil) adding few drops of cypress essential oil.

Mix well and apply to the hair roots after wetting your hair. This will boost blood circulation to the scalp area.

This can gradually make your hair stronger from the roots and reduce hair fall. The flow of blood to the hair follicles ensures your hair strands keep receiving the vital nutrients required for proper healthy growth. 

The antiseptic properties in cypress oil are extremely beneficial to cure fungal infections and prevent bacterial growth on the scalp area. 

Cure Haemorrhoids

One of the most painful and unbearable syndromes that happen to millions of people worldwide, haemorrhoids are still curable following the right remedial and therapeutic measures. 

Applying cypress oil to your haemorrhoids is one of the most effective ways to reduce the problem in due course.

Cypress essential oils cause narrowing of the blood vessels around the haemorrhoids. This will eventually reduce the flow of blood to the area and contraction of the tissues. 

Cleansing and Curing Cuts and Wounds

Deep cuts can lead to severe bleeding and infections. If you got a cut all of a sudden, clean the area with an antibacterial soap. Add a few drops of cypress oil to any carrier oil. Mix well both the oils and apply them to the affected area. 

Cypress oil causes contraction of the blood vessels and aids in clotting around your wound. 

Muscle Pain and Cramps

Cypress is beneficial in reducing symptoms of neck and back pain. Mix it with any carrier oil and massage the painful and swollen area to get quick relief. 

There is no end to the list of benefits you can have using cypress essential oil at home. The oil has a strong aroma and therefore be used as a natural deodorant for men. You can purchase concentrated cypress essential oil or even go for diluted ones depending on your requirements.