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Diamonds not only represent the love I


Diamonds are beautiful, rare, and embarrassing. Many people know that diamonds represent the loyalty of love. In fact, there is a better meaning behind the perfect diamond!

The greatest meaning of a diamond personalized name necklace is not its radiance and shine, but the vow of love hidden behind it. The diamond ring is like a lover with a godly eye and a deep affection for you. It is a symbol of pure love, expressing the eternal pursuit and loyalty to love.

The diamond ring was first used as a token of love. On August 18, 1477, Maximilian I, the son of Frederick III, married the Duke of the Burgundy. At the engagement ceremony, the Grand Duke of Joseph Diamond was inlaid on the engagement monogram ring and presented to Princess Mary. The diamond not only marks the final formation of the Habsburg dynasty, but also the first engagement ring in human history. Diamonds have a precedent in the marriage culture. Since then, the diamond ring has become a token of love for lovers and has been passed down to the present.

As a gem, you must have three elements: beauty, durability, and scarcity. Diamond custom name necklace is the only gemstone that combines the highest hardness, strong refractive index, and high dispersion. It is incomparable to any other gem. Such a precious treasure, of course, has become expensive for the expensive. Therefore, diamonds are a symbol of infinite wealth.

The emperors of the past dynasty regarded the famous diamond as a symbol of infinite power, and they were regarded as treasures. They were buried in the palace and passed down from generation to generation.

People have experienced a long journey of processing diamonds. Until 1919, the Polish mathematician Takwaki, who lived in the United States, designed a standard round diamond shape with 58 facets according to the principle of full reflection according to the critical angle of the diamond monogrammed necklace. When the light enters the diamond, it can be totally reflected. With the brilliance of the light, the diamonds are white, bright, and sparkling with an elegant appearance. They are proud of the many gems and show their magical artistic charm.

Tens of millions of years ago, the hot magma in the depths of the ground rushed along the pipe. As the crater was often blocked, the rising magma cooled under extremely great pressure. A small amount of pure carbon contained therein crystallizes into diamond under such high temperature and great pressure.

If the diamond is present, you can voluntarily answer: I can express your noble heart! The diamond engraved necklace is crystal clear, symbolizing pure and true, loyal and courageous, quiet and free. People regard diamonds as a sign of noble quality.