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Discovered How Easy It Was To Buy Pure Cbd Oil In My Area

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Just a thirty-minute drive from the bustling city of Denver will bring you to our beautiful farm in Brighton, CO that specializes in berries and fruits produce all-year-round. The last three generations of my family have grown up on this farm and my parents have worked hard to preserve our heritage through their hard work. As a part of the heritage, my mother has also kept the family recipes intact over these years. But we found that it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to remember even the smallest of things when she was in the kitchen. We consulted the local physician, who pointed out the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, we started looking out for a place to buy pure CBD oil in Denver for my mother’s treatment, as it was suggested to be a natural cure in the starting phase of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Manufacturing of CBD Oils

I was told that the manufacturing of CBD oils has always been at the center of controversies with issues related to the sourcing of raw materials to the formulation of the ingredients used in these oils and this was all new to me. Hence, it was important for me to meet the right people, who had to expertize in these oils. If you live outside Denver, good medical facilities for consultation on natural medicine are difficult to find. Hence, I had to travel to the city hospital to take advice on these CBD oils from an expert. I met a senior physician there who explained how these oils are made. He informed us about the different oils available in the market that render different effects on the patient based on the concentration of compounds in it. Hence, it was important for us to analyze which oil would suit my mother’s treatment.

CBD oils and THC

CBD oils are made from CBD extracted from the wild-growing Marijuana plant. Along with CBD, there are other compounds that are present in the Marijuana plant namely delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is a compound that is psychoactive in nature for humans. If consumed through smoking or food, it can cause intoxication or give hallucinating effects to a human. No matter how precise manufacturers may be in their production standards, CBD oils always contain traces of THC. Hence, Marijuana dispensaries sell CBD oils that have a mix of THC and CBD for various medical and recreational purposes. But outside you can find oils made from hemp that are non-intoxicating and are not limited by buyer’s age limit in terms of purchase. 

Current Laws for CBD in Colorado

I learned that when it comes to CBD laws, Colorado may be one of the least restrictive states. But buying CBD oils may not be as straight forward as buying your groceries. You must be careful about a few things like only CBD products made from hemp (licensed by local health agencies and the Colorado Department of Agriculture) that can be legally sold in Colorado and don’t have a restriction on age limit for purchase. As of 2012, sales of hemp-infused goods or CBD oils in Colorado have been termed as anything made with CBD by a licensed manufacturer can be sold at any retailer, such as grocery stores, gas stations or smoke shops.

But these considerations are only for the state of Colorado. So be careful while buying hemp-infused products or CBD oils in other states, as their laws may differ.

Using CBD oils

When I got the suggested oil, for the first few applications, it was important to observe how my mother’s body reacted to the dosage and concentration level of ingredients in the oil. We tested a few oils as per the physician’s suggestion and finally settled on one.


Even though CBD oils are easily available for online purchase, you must be careful while buying pure CBD oils. Look-out for fake products or miracle drugs sold by hawkers or unlicensed salesmen that may cause harmful side-effects to the patients. Even when buying hemp-infused products from the local smoke shop, be sure to look for a form of state agricultural department seal on the CBD product.