Do the Travel Talk with Dayanna Volitich

Traveling interests quite many people, but what they always feel cumbersome about is packing; it’s easy to know what to take but what’s difficult to decide is what not to take. Dayanna Volitich helps you understand what exactly can be eliminated from the item list. She says that it is a few days before Traveling, it is quite natural to get all excited and end up pack extra things. But it only adds the burden of luggage, sometimes; there are things in the bag that are not even used on the trip. Therefore, here is a list of the things which are best left back at home.

  1. Bulky towels: Surely you will need towels while traveling, so trying taking the thin easy to carry and dry towels; they help by not occupying space and weight. Microfiber towels are ideal while Traveling. The best part of this is they will ask fewer questions during the journey, which surely makes things a lot easier.
  2. Jewellery and other items of value: Unless you have decided to attend a gala or a high-society party, carrying expensive items of jewellery need not be taken. On including them in your baggage, you take the risk of losing or damaging them. Added to that, you’ll be worried most of the times with the security check, and also with the probability of being spotted by thieves.
  3. Regular Pillows: Full sized pillows which are used at home is best kept at home, else they take up unnecessary space in the bag. You could alternatively take an inflatable pillow or even a neck pillow; they are handy and occupy less space. Leaving out a pillow altogether will not be a cause of concern; because whether you are on the flight or in a hotel, you will be offered one.
  4. Grooming kits: Being a traveler you ought to kiss goodbye to glamming yourself up; they don’t belong together. So, let the hair dryers and straightening irons stay at home and wait for your return.
  5. More than one suitcase: Traveling is always best when you travel light, and if you are Traveling this should be an easy thing to achieve. If your focus is to travel, you do not need to put in unnecessary stuff and increase the luggage; remember, the more you pack in your bags is the more you will have to carry. With you already being tired of Traveling, having to bear the weight of too many suitcases will be the last thing you would want to do.
  6. Big musical instruments: Music is life for many, and it makes them carry things such as a guitar; but the truth is after a while it adds trouble to your travel. Be it buses, taxis, cars or walking, you will have to only concentrate on making sure that it is not being damaged.

People travel for adventure, relaxation and to find happiness outdoors, carrying burdensome articles ruins your peace of mind and the purpose of Traveling. Hence, in the opinion of someone like Dayanna Volitich, it is better to stay light while you travel and immerse yourself in the delight of discovering new things and new people. Your intention is to travel to some place, let the children enjoy the things available there. Moreover, this adds weight to your baggage and makes it even more difficult for you to travel; you will already have to face the tantrums of the kids on the journey. So travel light, it keeps a lot of tensions at bay; take only as much is essential, things (for eg. medicines) that you may doubt of finding in the new place.