Don’t Book A Hotel Room Without Asking These Top 5 Questions

There are two types of travelers – let’s call them the “backpacker” and the “tourist.” The former loves to dive into Hotel Room exhilarating experiences without the need for fancy accommodation. Then we have the latter, who’d love to see and explore new places yet isn’t at ease with the idea of disregarding comfort. Let’s be honest. Most of us are leaning towards the “tourist” side. It’s innate in us to seek comfort and convenience. We adore free wi-fi connection, a fully air-conditioned hotel room, a warm cup of joe and delectable breakfast in a soft, cozy bed, and access to luxe amenities. With this, we never settle for less when it comes to hotels, our “temporary homes.”

Assuring the quality of your trip starts with choosing which hotel to book. Since a lot of hotels are competing for your reservation, we’ll share the top five questions you have to think about.

  1. Where is the hotel located?

You won’t stay inside your hotel room snuggling up to a soft pillow or looking at your window view throughout the day. You’ll spend a large chunk of your day outdoors, so it’s crucial to consider the hotel’s proximity to the best attractions your travel destination has to offer. See if there are exquisite restaurants, cafés, and bars, fun parks, museums, beaches and waterfronts, shopping centers, and Instagram-worthy tourist attractions around the block. If you’re traveling for business purposes, it’d be perfect if there are nearby commercial areas you can easily access. Proximity to medical centers may also be part of your primary considerations.

Hotel Room

  1. What is the hotel’s top of the line amenities?

Next, to where it’s located, find out what’s inside your hotel room as well as the amenities and services that set it apart from its competitors. Modern hotels usually come with swimming pools, bars, and fitness centers, two places you’d love to wake up to. If you’re going with your kids, check if they have in-house camps and workshops as well as babysitting services to have the little ones entertained during their stay while keeping the parents relaxed.

And whether you’re traveling for leisure or for business, free access to the internet should be a must.

  1. What value can you get for your money?

A price is just a number. Your primary concern is ensuring that the quality of the experience you’re getting coincides with the price. Look closely at what’s really included in the package as well as the possible “surprise” charges. If you’re comparing two hotels and both offer $120 per night, you’re likely to go to the one with the free breakfast. Take advantage of the amazing deals and freebies the hotel has to offer including free meals, snacks, and drinks, free or discounted stay for the kids, and even free on-the-house luxury spa treatments. One family-friendly hotel where kids age 12 years and below can have a great hotel experience for free is the Holiday Inn. Participating locations including Holiday Inn Parramatta welcome kids with open arms and help their parents save money with their “kids stay free, kids eat free” motto. If you’re wise, you can get more than what you pay for, like getting a bigger room and better views for the same price by asking for a corner room. Perks like room upgrades, extended hours of room service, and late checkouts can be scored with proper timing and by tipping wisely. To get the most out of your experience, all you need to do is ask.

  1. How about the transportation?

Unless you don’t want to leave your temporary abode, access to transportation services is one of the most significant factors. Hailing a cab for hours or traveling to a distant restaurant by foot are just some of the terrible things you don’t want to do. If you’re taking your own car, see if there’s a parking area nearby or on-site. While hunting for available parking spaces wastes your time, it won’t be practical to hire a valet. If you’re not using your own car, ask about the hotel’s in-house shuttle services to commercial areas, local attractions, and airport. You should also check the accessibility of their taxi services as well as the hotel’s proximity to the nearest public transport.

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  1. Are you satisfied with the reviews and ratings?

If you’re sold by luring hotel ads, striking photos of their luxurious interiors, and convincing descriptions of their suites, the next thing you have to do is validate the information from the people who have actually tried their services. Social media pages, travel forums, and hotel review sites are your top sources of honest feedback. Reviews allow you to discern the positive and negative points of a particular establishment from the eyes of their previous customers. It goes without saying that a hotel with a long list of bad reviews and ratings isn’t worth trying. Likewise, a booming number of positive reviews and five-star ratings may assure that you’ve found a superb hotel. Just be aware of bogus accounts that post fake reviews intended to affect the overall score and the impression of the readers.

Other tips for maximizing your hotel stay:

  • Don’t book on discount sites (or expect the “discounted” experience).
  • Call the hotel directly for reservations.
  • See if they have amazing deals for loyal and regular customers.
  • Consider the overall ambiance and local flavor.
  • Request a fresh bed as soon as you arrive.
  • Never pay for the minibar.
  • Take advantage of the little free stuff, like toiletries, massage services, and complimentary snacks and drinks.
  • Tip wisely.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is one of the writers for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation, a modern hotel in Western Sydney known for their exceptional hotel accommodation and location, which appeals to travelers in Australia. She has always been passionate about giving in to her wanderlust and collecting mementos from different places.