Don’t Let Your Foundation Face The Water Damage Instead Go Through These Tips

The foundation is the major element of the house that strongly holds the entire house and keep it safe. Every part of your house relies upon the condition of the foundation. It is also true that any problem in the house starts from the foundation. So, it’s important that you are giving it a proper maintenance by conducting some efforts.

Not only that, you will need to ensure that you are timely consulting the foundation repair company to ensure the well-being of the foundation. Our experts at AA Action Waterproofing thoroughly inspect the foundation and get through the source problem to give an authentic and durable foundation repair in Virginia. Several problems cause water damage in the foundation such as moisture, extreme temperature, tree roots and many other weather conditions. Also, every functional area of the house is interconnected to ensure the smooth coordination.hence, you need to ensure that you are taking care of each element in the house. However. Let’s take a look at some of the effective tips that will help you to keep your foundation well-maintained:

  • Keep an eye on the drainage system

The drainage system or gutter is one of the basic elements that ensure the flow of the water and keep it dry. So, it is important that you are keeping it under inspection so that you can prevent any blockage or seepage that might lead to water damage in your foundation. Also, make sure you are giving the extra care in the rainy season where the blockage chances are high. Also, get them professionally treated from time to time. Call us, and we will be right there at your home to evaluate the condition of the gutter and fix it quickly.

Water Damage


  • Inspect your property weekly

Apart from the functional areas of your house, you also need to give an overall look at your property. Make sure that any part of the property such as walls, doors, windows aren’t showing any damage that will directly indicate the water damage in the basement. Also, give around to your roof timely to ensure there’s no water dribbling from the top down.

  • Inspect the soil around the foundation

To ensure the perfect condition of the foundation, it is important that you are checking the condition of the soil around the foundation. For instance, it is important that you ensure the moderate condition of the soil around the house. Apart from keeping it away from water, it is also essential that you are ensuring the soil should not be too dry.

Water Damage


  • Ensure your foundation have upscale sump-pump

Make sure sump pump installed in the foundation room is of great quality.  It plays a major role in order to prevent the floods, especially during the rainy season. So, if you have not yet installed a water sump pump, get it right now.

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