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Essential Janitorial Supplies for Your Restaurant or Bar

Janitorial Supplies

If you are in the hospitality industry, you know it’s not an easy job at all. It requires a focus on different aspects, ranging from operations and revenue generation to maintaining the legal facade of your business.

Cleanliness is an area that can be neglected if you are over-burdened with other aspects. Therefore, it really helps to keep the essential janitorial supplies in place. Your employees should be well-equipped with all the essentials they need to keep the place tidy.

A restaurant is the last place for customers to tolerate sub-standard hygiene. Your business literally depends on this crucial factor. So, it is advisable to always have the following janitorial supplies in bulk to keep the customers flocking in.

Vacuum cleaner

Just like your home, a vacuum cleaner is a crucial requirement for your restaurant or bar to avoid dust bunnies lurking above the meals of unsuspecting customers.

However, try to use a powerful device than the one you use at home since the amount of debris to pick up at restaurants will be more and the frequency of stuff being strewn around will be higher than that at your home.

Make sure you regularly vacuum your restaurant. You should also choose your vacuum machine suited that can suit the type of waste expected in your restaurant.

Broom and sweepers

The traditional broom and pan combo can still find sufficient use in this modern business.

It is always the first thing to come in handy when a customer or staff member drops something on the floor. You won’t start vacuuming immediately. You head for the humble broomstick and pan to get the edibles off the floor.

You can also go for a more efficient sweeper attached with a dustpan to collect debris while the wet sponge behind does the sweeping. Keep at least 2 of these in stock.


With loads of people crowding in your restaurant, the floors are naturally susceptible to the accumulation of dirt. This can be hard to remove with a regular mop.

For such requirements, sponge mops are preferred. The sponge gives an effective rinse to remove tough stains. Use a good quality mop to achieve better cleanliness in every swipe.

Also, maintain a separate, clean sponge mop for the windows and glass doors.

Trash cans and trash bags

Considering the nature of your industry, trash cans are a vital necessity. You require many trash cans to be strategically placed around corners where people are most likely to use it. These bins will be used 10 times more compared to the ones sitting in the comfort of your home. Naturally, they need to be designed for heavy-duty use.

Place one around the washroom, a few in the kitchen, and 1 to 2 near the sitting area. It is also very important to keep their outer layer clean to avoid the fending of happily paying customers.

Also, maintain an adequate supply of trash bags.

Cleaning rags

Always have enough of these rags in stock to avoid potential cleaning crisis. You can use different rags for different types of cleaners and surfaces. For instance, the rag you use to clean glass and glassware should be very clean to avoid leaving any residue on these crystal clear translucent surfaces.

You can color-code them to help your employees distinguish better among the lot. Use microfiber rags to get better results.

Also, wash the rags from time to time, and replace them when they get rough and worked up.

Scrubbers, brushes, and dusters

Scrubbers are an essential requirement and will be used throughout the day.

Scrubbers come in several varieties, and different scrubbers are used for different utensils. You can use softer sponge-like scrubbers for glassware and regular ones for the stainless steel equipment.

Keep sufficient scrubbers as you don’t want to run out of them while the doors to your place are open. Choose the scrubbers according to the crockery, and make sure they are not too abrasive for the intended surfaces.

Also, select suitable brushes for the required purpose. There are brushes with softer bristles for your ceramics and glassware. Keep a pair of dusters to do the occasional dusting. Go for any kind of soft material.


For a commercial business, you are going to need quite a few different types of cleaners for different purposes. There are cleaners available for your tiles, floor, basin.

You will also require dishwashing detergents in bulk. You also need a hand-wash for your customers. Then there are polishing agents needed every once in a while to bring back the shine of different utensils and surfaces. Use different polishes for wood, stainless steel, and tiles.


Keep some of these important accessories handy. You need to have towels ready for customers in case of emergencies. Also, keep some pest repellents ready to ward off any unwanted pests that can make your customers uncomfortable. Keep some sanitizing tablets too.

Make sure you have adequate gloves and aprons for your staff. Also, keep an all-purpose cleaner for emergencies.

Once you have all these essentials in stock, rest assured you have equipped your staff with all the necessary tools to maintain a clean ambiance in your restaurant or bar. If you don’t already own these things, try to purchase them in bulk to get some discounts. Also, try and maintain contact with a supplier regarding these items as you may need them on a regular basis.

 I hope this helps you preserve the look of your restaurant.