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Essential Tips for Choosing the Best Security Fencing

It is quite common to see security fencing around houses. Most homeowners do not give much emphasis to the type of fencing needed to keep their home secure from intruders. There are different types of fencing to cater to different security needs.

Security Fencing

Tips For Choosing The Right Security Fencing:

  1. A well-designed fence should be as high as possible and have a spiked top or razor wire along the top. It would make the fence hard to climb over. Make sure that no horizontal bars exist at knee or waist length since having them would make it easy for a burglar to step on and climb over. Ideally, your fence should be at least 8 feet tall, but one must check with their authority rules and regulations of what the permitted height is.
  2. Many thieves try to dig under the fence and create burrows when they can’t climb over. As a preventive measure, the homeowner must have cement footings built right around the perimeter. The cement footings do make the fence more expensive, but it is money well spent.
  3. The owner must ensure that the fence is not made of mesh since it can easily be cut through. Moreover, the gate must be made of the same material and style, as the security fencing so that it is not easy to bypass. Strong hinges and structure and a solid padlock will significantly enhance the security quotient of the gate and fencing structure.
  4. See-through fences and gates offer the most secure since they do not provide any hiding place for a thief. The security fencing design must enable the homeowner to see through the fence. Such a model will not allow the burglar to buy time, observe, plan, and plot.

Benefits of metal security fences

Metal security fencing comprises of tall and slender metal rods which are spaced evenly. They are low-maintenance, and they look stylish at the same time. So, security and aesthetics packed into one design.

Benefits of wire mesh fencing

Wire mesh fencing is an inter-crossed, tightly woven grid of wire which usually comes in panels. The panels are placed between metal poles and offer some of the benefits of chain link fences. A short fence can also be used in the front yard, as an added security option.

One of the best options for security is to surround your house with a tall fence along its perimeter, but one needs to inquire whether the city’s rules allow for it or not.

Benefits of a short fence

A short fence may not seem like it will enhance the security of your home, but it does have its advantages.

The smallest measures taken carefully will go a long way when it comes to the security point of view. Having a short fence serves as another obstacle when seen from a burglar’s perspective. It sells the illusion that your house is more challenging to break into.

Benefits of a short fence

Think the other way round

While most people think security, fencing is meant only to keep people out, it is intended to keep people in. You will know this, especially if you have a toddler or a pet at home. You would not want the apple of your eye to wander out on to the streets.

If privacy is a concern, then you must go in for steel cladding fencing. It prevents the people inside the house or outside from seeing the other way. This way, burglars won’t know if homeowners are inside and your pet won’t see another pet or stray animal and go running after it.


Finally, choose your security fencing according to your needs and requirement and not just resort to a standard approach.