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Essentials of Custom Packaging for Online Apparel Brands

With the bloom of the online shopping industry, almost every apparel brand is offering an e-store to the customers. It has become quite convenient for the shoppers to order their favorite outfits online and receive them at their doorstep in just a few days. For apparel businesses ensuring the quality of this online shopping experience is integral for customer satisfaction and retention. Product packaging is one of the elements that are crucial to delivering a gratifying service to online shoppers. There are many apparel businesses that are solely running e-stores, for them investing in custom boxes is all the way more important. Their product boxes are the first contact of interaction between the customers; it can make or break the impression. Here are the essentials of custom packaging for online clothing brands!

Durable Custom Box Packaging

All kinds of fabric need protection from heat, moisture, and shock. During shipping, the quality of an apparel item can be affected due to the poor quality of packaging. So the first element that apparel brands need to consider for their packaging is enduring printing material. Cardboard and Kraft are the commonly used printing material options for apparel boxes. You can have a look at other preferences as well. Make sure that the stock you choose for custom packaging boxes is flexible enough to be crafted to your desired specifications. Discuss your concerns with the printer and evaluate the features of various materials before locking an option.

Easy to Handle Custom Packaging

For shirts, ties, and dresses, 2-piece boxes are preferred by apparel retailers. These are easy to handle, store and retain the quality of various clothing items. You can use similar box style options for sending away products to the customers. User-friendly packaging layout should be chosen as a box that is simple to open and stock up is preferred by the buyers. Lid boxes and other options can be considered for your custom box packaging. Get an overview of the latest apparel packaging trends to know what is hip these days, you can then make a choice based on target customers’ inclinations.

Purposeful Custom Printed Boxes

You will surely want your first-time shoppers to come back for more. To achieve this goal, add value to your packaging. Give out useful and interesting information to the shoppers through packaging. Have detailed care and washing instructions for a particular fabric printed on the dress boxes to assist your buyers. Enlighten the shoppers about your brand’s uniqueness, if you specialize in a particular kind of clothing range; highlight it on your packaging. Use interactive and engaging text to pique the interest of customers. They will surely like to come back to a brand that gives attention to details.

Add Discount Coupon or a Surprise Gift

For online brands, it is difficult to build rapport with customers as virtual communication can’t substitute the real one. There are small gestures that can be used to express your gratitude to the buyers and show them that you value them. Add a discount coupon or a small surprise gift in your custom box for the product. This would create brand affinity for your apparel business and shoppers would be delighted to receive more of these kind gestures from you.

Use your custom packaging to build trust and loyalty with the customers.