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Expand And Develop 7 Tips And Advice For Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is an essential room in the house, Kitchen Renovation and most homeowners spend more money on renovating it than on any other area in the home. Whether you’re creating or upgrading your kitchen, there are particular things and reasons you need to consider. Building a functional kitchen in your home isn’t an easy task to do, as well as renovating. A kitchen is more than just for preparing and cooking food. This particular room of the house has a lot of functions that could contribute to your daily productivity. Here’s a list of advice when you decided to renovate your kitchen.

Create Wide Pathways

Walkways inside the kitchen should be wide enough for a person. The expected measurement for the pathway should at least be 36 inches wide, and the paths within the cooking area should at least be 42 inches. However, if you want to fit two cooks in one kitchen, then you should at least have a 48 inches wide walkway, and it will require a big kitchen.

Improve Lighting

When you decided to renovate your kitchen, it’s essential to consider adding or improving the lighting features of the area. The kitchen is supposed to be bright. You can install spotlights in critical areas such as the stove top, sink, and in the kitchen island. You can use wall-mount lamps to illuminate particular areas in the kitchen properly.

Kitchen Renovation

Be Quality-Wise

What’s more important than the quality of your materials? Your top priority should be the quality of your equipment for your kitchen to function properly. Functionality and durability are both essential when renovating. You have to resist low-quality agreements and go for high-quality with low maintenance. Also, it could be best if you can get high-quality and cost-effective items with little maintenance for your kitchen. If you’re planning on reselling, materials and products with significant warranties are an advantage.

Stove Selection

The stove is one essential piece in the kitchen. There’s a quote saying that “Your cooking stove is the designer handbag of the kitchen.” If there’s one thing that you have to replace when you’re renovating, it should be your stove. It’s the most functional and visible appliance in your kitchen. There are various kinds of stoves that you can choose from, and you can have the most suitable one for your kitchen. If you have the money to spend, make sure to add ventilation above your stove to avoid airborne grease, smoke, odours, and too much heat.

Choose a Suitable Countertop

One of the essential things you have to install in your kitchen is the countertop. For homeowners who like to cook frequently and doesn’t have enough space for preparation, having a countertop at your kitchen would greatly help you in your work productivity. All in all, a countertop can become your overall workspace inside the kitchen. There are a lot of ways on how you can use the countertop, but one thing’s for sure, it can be an asset to the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation

Keep Everything Reachable

You should be careful where you build the cabinets on your kitchen. You should keep all your dishware, utensils, and appliances within reach. With a lack of planning, you may have kitchen cabinets that are hard to each which is not a suitable place for storing any kitchen equipment. Also, it would cost you on your kitchen productivity and comfortability.

Consider the Most Versatile Sink and Faucet

Working in the kitchen can sometimes be tiring. In this way, choose the most versatile fixtures. A pull-down faucet sprayer could be essential for your kitchen. Also, you have to consider the functionality and durability of the material. If you’re looking for products, make sure to buy from a reliable shop as this would save you enough time, money, and maintenance. With a big sink and a faucet sprayer, it can make your work more efficient.


Kitchen renovations don’t have to be too much expensive. If you have just enough money, you have to set your priorities first. You can start in the area where a renovation is needed the most. Keep in mind that before upgrading, you need to plan thoroughly on the renovation project to avoid any confusions and misunderstandings during the working process.

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