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Expert Web Design Tips for Polishing Your Instagram Business Profile

While chalking out a fantastic promotional strategy for the most popular social media platform called Instagram, many of you forget to pay importance to the most crucial elements such as the Instagram bio. Remember your Instagram profile would go a long way in creating the first impression about your brand. So this would be acting as the backbone of all your Instagram activities. Your profile is the sole link that effectively connects with the viewers and takes them to the landing pages or your website. Your bio is supposed to be the only part of your Instagram account where you could strategically place a link that could be clicked.

You could use 150-characters to include details in your Instagram bio to express to all your potential customers who you are, what type of things you would be offering etc. You must make your bio as informative and innovative as possible for convincing them so that they consider buying your product or service.

What Are The Things To Incorporate On Your Profile?

Before preparing your Instagram bio, it is essential to understand the fundamental elements of a fascinating bio that would make it reliable, attractive, and attention-grabbing.

Instagram Business Profile


Whatever you insert in this field, would be coming on top of your Instagram bio in bold text. You could consider putting your brand name at this place. There are 30 characters allowed here for the name so you could consider using any name variation as well. You could think of a keyword that effectively clarifies your core value or what precisely your brand would be representing.

The Name field actually plays a pivotal role in your Instagram search results. You could, therefore, incorporate a strategic keyword right here for helping all your potential customers reach you. However, avoid unnecessary keyword stuffing.


Username is supposed to be your identity and is an integral part of the page URL. It is recommended to consider using the same username for your business across all social media platforms as that would make it easier for customers to recognize you and find you. This way you could establish a robust social media presence for your brand and gain followers for Instagram.

What to Include In the Bio?

Website URL: Bio is the only segment of your Instagram account where you could incorporate clickable links. You may change or modify this URL as and when you wish.  For example, if you have started a seasonal offer, then it is best to guide your users directly to the offer page instead of the homepage. It is best to incorporate a tracking code for keeping track on the number of visitors you attracted on Instagram.

Bio Content: Use 150 characters judiciously. Use the best expressions and terms to convey clearly your brand personality, identity, and your message to your potential target audience.

Use Emojis: Emojis are used for demonstrating emotions without using words. These cute icons could be used for effective brand communication.

Effective Bio Design Ideas for Instagram

Use proper spacing, as well as, appropriate line breaks for your viewers to easily understand and interpret your brand messages. In this context, you must keep mobile-friendliness on top of your mind. You need to remember that Instagram is essentially a mobile app and people would be accessing it via their mobile phones. You must, therefore, make sure that the mobile view is perfect.


While you are designing an Instagram bio, always think about your conversion objectives on Instagram. If you want to display your most stunning products on the platform, your users could be directed straight to the selling page. If you want your followers to simply like your profile or follow you, your bio must effectively trigger some action that may lead to conversion later on.

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