Factors to Consider While Purchasing USB-C Adapters & Cables

Factors to Consider While Purchasing USB-C Adapters & Cables

The amazing USB-C computing era is here and by now you have learned all the relevant tips to take optimum advantage of these new ports on the tablet, phone, or the laptop that you are using. You must have observed that the latest devices do not include the much-accustomed Type-A USB ports and they have been substituted by relatively smaller oblong connectors called the USB-C ports. This is the advanced USB-C age of business computing and today, USB Type C is an integral part of most smartphones, laptops, and tablets. You must already know that the latest MacBook Pro has a versatile USB-C port. In this context, experts recommend that you must purchase some appropriate accessories for taking full advantage of this cutting-edge port. USB Type-C could power a number of devices easily and could be operating in diverse modes, outputting audio, charging, transferring data effectively to various peripherals etc. Today, some devices have already adapted to exclusively the USB-C hub. Some smartphones and computers such as the Pixelbook and the MacBook have switched over to the Type-C completely. So that means you would need to use adapters for now. But you must be careful while buying adapters since not all of the USB-C devices would be supporting all the advanced USB-C specs. We all are aware that even the minutest bit of current has the potential of causing harm or a fire. When you are handling 100 Watts of power, things could get dangerous even under the best circumstances if you are not careful and if you do not take the right precautions and do not follow the manual properly. We are talking in terms of amounts of electricity that could trigger serious damage if you fail to use it the correct way in the right context. So keep certain important factors in mind while purchasing USB-C adaptors & cables.


Understand Exactly What You Require

The USB-C spec is supposed to be an open standard and the companies have the liberty to change things for catering better to their requirements. Phone manufacturers are certainly doing that. However, the chargers and the cables that they are selling and using may not be compatible with the regulations. But remember some companies are having their own proprietary quick charging techniques and it is necessary for you to get a cable which is supposed to be compliant with their precise equipment too. Know what specifications to look for before opting for a cable or an adapter. You must clearly understand your unique needs.

Always Purchase a Reputable Brand

We have come across several really cheap USB cables while browsing the Internet and have been really enticed to purchase them. However, it pays to remember that everyone is certainly not using the USB Type C hub in a fully standards compliant manner. So it is best to stick to renowned and reliable brands and be extra-careful about the ‘quick charge’ techniques. Phones from all manufacturers may not be completely standards compliant. This implies that you must not be using the cable, adapter, or the charger that came with specific phones for any other device without ensuring that they are actually compatible. It is always a wise decision to stick to chargers, cables, and adapters that came originally with your specific phone. You must place an order directly with the manufacturer whenever you require a replacement or spare.

Avoid Purchasing a USB-C Cable Simply Because It Is Inexpensive

When you are shopping for a USB-C connector or cable, you need not get swayed by cheaper alternatives. Stay away from products from unknown shady companies. It is always better to spend a little more to get high-quality and reliable products from trusted names in the business. When you buy from reputed brands, you could be sure that the cable would be using perfectly appropriate wire sizes, the correct resistance is actually used, and the connector is constructed with perfection keeping your safety at the forefront. Remember these three things are very important considerations when more current is transmitted over tiny wires. Remember cheap cables would be using the wrong components and could prove to be hazardous.


Browse through Forum Posts or Customer Reviews

You would still find that there are numerous cables that are having a usual USB plug at one end and a USB Type-C plug at the other end and remember these are absolutely non-compliant and hazardous. If you use cables with incorrect size wire it would be damaging the wire. If you use a cable with an incorrect size resistor, it could damage the devices plugged in each end and may even start a fire. There are many people who enjoy testing the resistance and continuity of USB cables and they would often share the results with you. You may do a Google Search quickly and go through forum posts and even customer reviews before deciding to buy a USB-C cable or adapter.


Remember USB Type-C is not at all dangerous and is certainly capable of effectively and safely delivering high current provided proper equipment including adapters and cables are used. It provides immense benefits as it can communicate efficiently with several other compliant devices but you must focus on buying and using the right adapters and cables.


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