Five reasons to buy a property now

A house or a bungalow or a small flat becomes home with the care and love it gets from its inhabitants. Not only people, every furniture, artifacts and smallest piece of belongings completes the home for its residents. Any successful human being tries to buy his own house at some point of time in his/ her career. But they don’t want to forget the memories they have created earlier, where they were born, where they had their birthdays every year. All those gifts, pictures, frames stay with them for lifetime as a token from the past. But it can only be possible if you buy a property of your own. the place will be solely yours to make new memories.

In the wake of the Covid19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many people are re-evaluating their living arrangements. A long spell stuck at home has seen some people carrying out home improvements and enjoying their current properties. For others, it has highlighted their desire to move. Real estate is becoming the best form of investment. In this situation investment can make a loss for you. but when you invest to a property, it won’t make loss for sure, as it is a lifetime asset.

But whether you’re a first time buyer looking to move out of the family home, a landlord looking for their next investment or a current owner looking to move onto something different, plenty of property news blog pundits think that now could be the right time to take the plunge. People buy houses to get independence or live on their own. As the world is facing a pandemic, businesses are not doing so well, if you have thought of buying a home this will be the best situation as you can get a lower price for your new place.

The housing market is changing

House prices have dropped – as they often do in a recession – so now could be a great time to grab a bargain. Only do this if you are committed to staying at the property for some time, as prices may continue to fall. If so, you could end up in negative equity. With the government introducing new measures in housing, there are a number of new opportunities available for buyers. Speak to an adviser who can help you work out the best option for you.

No stamp duty

Stamp duty is a tax paid by the people who are buying new property. Stamp duty has been put on hold until March 2021 meaning you could benefit from a big saving on buying a house. As the pandemic hits the world, many people are suffering from various issues, in this situation the government has taken a tremendous step to cut stamp duty, which is a benefit to buying a house now. The move is to help buyers who are financially affected by the coronavirus and in need of buying a new house. 

Job security is better

At the start of lockdown, many people were worried about their job protection and financial security. Luckily, lots of businesses are now reopening and those that aren’t are still protected by the extended furlough scheme. With that in mind, financial security shouldn’t be a reason to put off moving for those who were previously worried.

You will avoid the second pandemic

Although it’s not yet clear whether it will happen in the UK, many European countries are experiencing a second wave of Covid-19 and enforcing lockdowns once again. If you want to move, a great property news blog suggests that you should do it now while the market is open. Delaying even for a short time may mean that you have to put the process on hold for the foreseeable future should restrictions become imposed once again.

You’ll be there for Christmas After a trying and turbulent year, what better Christmas present than a new family home? Getting the ball rolling now means that being settled in your dream place could be possible by Christmas. Christmas is a festival of love and lots of gifts, giving yourself or to your family a new house is the best thing one can do. as the time is auspicious to it will be a great time to shift to your new house.