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Food and All The Industries Behind It


Food, what comes to your mind when you hear the words “food”, if you are just getting out of bed you probably think of a half fried egg with the sunny side up or an omelet or maybe a toast or a bagel, if its a little later near lunchtime you might be picturing all the fun fast food places you’ve been to and the sight of a well-topped pizza with cheese strings pulling apart as you pull a slice closer to yourself, or a juicy burger with a deep-fried and tender piece of meat sandwiched between some veggies and sauces. If its dinner time, you’ll be imagining a well-adjusted dinner table with a plate of your favorite dish all adorned with different toppings and sauces. My point is food intices us a different way at different times of the day, you wouldn’t want a stuffed chicken or a fried drumstick for breakfast and neither would you enjoy a half fried egg at dinner time,

several ingredients trigger us a different way, this same example could also apply on your mood, our moods can dictate what we want or might feel like eating when you are angry you might crave some meat or crunchy food like chips

If you’re feeling down or low you would crave sugary foods like ice cream or donuts 

If you’re anxious you might want soft foods like marshmallows same way if you’re stressed you’ll probably crave salty foods. our body requires a different taste that goes with a different mood.

Food is something that is necessary for us but as we have evolved so has our food, the most prominent example of this can be seen in the fast-food industry, in 2018 it was estimated that the fast-food industry is worth $570 billion globally. It is the easiest and most consumed kind of food as it is very affordable and as the name suggests it is fast Hungsters fast food, McDonald’s, KFC are just to name a few dominating brands in this giants everywhere are so fast at serving their food they have drive-thrus, you can just drive into their counter wait not more than 5 minutes and you’ll have your food. This idea would be considered a myth in the days of the past but in 1947 the first drive-thru opened, at Red’s Giant Hamburg on Route 66 in Springfield, Missouri. And soon after that pretty much every major fast-food restaurant started serving at drive-thrus.

Nowadays, you don’t even have to get out of your house to get food, food delivery apps have made it easier than ever to get your food delivered straight to your doorstep, and to sweeten the pot even more food delivery apps offer amazing and sometimes even unbelievable discounts and deals you can check out deals such as pizza mars deals

These apps such as food panda, zomato, uber eats, etc are well known for giving huge discounts on various restaurants and they make getting your food effortless as well, with GPS tracking and push notifications most of the times you can get your food without any human interaction at all which is a heaven on earth for introverts, but still, if you don’t feel like sitting around in your house fast-food restaurants are always making changes in their outlets and most of them often have discounts that you can avail on the spot.

The fast-food industry is nowhere near slowing down and people will always adore fast food for its time-saving factor and the affordability, people love fast food more than any other branch of food but as fast food is reserved for everyday commute and time efficiency, fine dining has just been appreciated even more as it is an even more pleasant experience after fast food, fine dining is mostly reserved for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries or celebrating a life long achievement, fine dining is all about extravagance and luxury, some of the most luxurious restaurants offer beautiful views and extravagant ingredients such as truffles and caviar which can cost upwards of $168 per ounce (30 grams) which is astronomical price for something that is used in food but people still indulge in these fancy dishes as a celebration or any special occasion.

In the end, food will always be something we keep advancing in and new dishes and ingredients will keep popping up, new fast food joints and new fine dining places will always be running and people will always be eating in these places cause that how human nature works.