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Future Impact Of Information Technology On Society

Impact of Information Technology on society is a new and very much popular aspect nowadays. IT is the technology which is using for storing, manipulating, and creating the data or information.

The type of data which is store is not essential for this example. Only this technology has to be a mechanism which is capable of processing this information.

From the last few decades, technologies have become a part of our daily lives. We depend on techniques for doing our daily works and perform various task.

It is also decreasing the time which is taken to complete a specific task. If you look once around you, then you will find lots of technological devices such as smartphone, refrigerator, and TV.

IT (information technology) is popularly known for doing the calculation that takes lots of time by the humans. In our daily lives, we depend on new technology appliances and gadgets.

Nowadays, the electronic database can store the data in a vast amount. This information can also use and easily accessed to the internet.

Some of the best examples of how technology has changed our lives is a smartphone, Computer, and WiFi router.

Negative Impact Of Information Technology On Society

Information Technology (IT) also harms society. In the future, IT will face the most significant challenge regarding security. 

Security will negatively impact the connectivity of public networks. And these problems can not be addressed successfully, and information sharing will decrease.

In below the paragraph, few impacts of Information Technology on society is mention. In this article, I have mention the latest feats in technology and also given an analysis of the positive and negative impact of it on our daily lives.

1. Artificial Intelligence And Robotics

Artificial Intelligence and robotics are the best technology trend that is changing society. The advancements made by the engineering and scientific community has turned this science fiction into reality.

We do not have robots that are working as a human being, but they are very much advanced. In our daily lives, we are using intelligent machines that depend on AI. 

Nowadays, very much advanced drones have developed, which can easily use for tracking and surveillance. These sophisticated machines are very much intelligent.

In the future, these drones should be available for offensive measures. Nowadays, many of the sophisticated machines are developing.

These machines are very much advanced and developed, and it will impact our society. Sophisticated tools are those robots that can work with minimum intervention of human beings. 

Another best example of Artificial Intelligence and robotics is Driverless cars. Many of the big organization such as BMW, Tesla, and Google are trying to make driverless cars.

In the future, we will see the self-driving cars that will approximately look beautiful. We have expected that very less time is remaining to see these cars.

Many of the people are thinking that because of Artificial Intelligence and robotics mass unemployment will take place. And we already saw how many of the people had lost their jobs because of automated machines introduced.

However, due to driverless cars, and Intelligent chatbots, many of the drivers and customer support agents, will be lost their jobs. Hence, these gadgets are also having a positive and negative impact on society.

2. Revolution Of Smartphone

Revolution of the smartphone is another impact of Information Technology on society. Few years before, mobile phones were commonly used by the people for sending texts and calling.

But nowadays, the smartphone is using for many purposes such as playing games, booking a ticket, chatting with friends, and many more thing. Nowadays, we are getting various facilities on mobile phones.

Students don’t have to carry their big books in the school because of the smartphone. Mobile phone and app are available that is known as E-learning, and in this application, the whole book is available.

Nowadays, you don’t have to buy a camera because, on the smartphone, you can easily take high-resolution pictures. You can also browse the internet for playing high graphic games.

Take a look at a smartphone and think about how technology has improved. In a small device, we are getting all the basic needs of communication.

The mobile phone has made our life more simple. We can easily connect with our loved ones more easily and frequently with the help of instant messaging services and video calls.

The applications and smartphone have changed the way we communicate, play, and work. Hence, the mobile phone has a positive impact on society.

3. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is another impact of Information Technology on society. It is one of the best and most popular technology trends which is changing our life.

Pokemon Go is one of the best and most popular games which is developed by VR. Some of the big technology organization such as Facebook, Nokia, and Google have spent lots of money to improve the Virtual Reality experience.

Hence, Virtual Reality is not an immersive multimedia experience. VR is also using for communication and educational purposes through holograms.

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4. Clean Energy Will Consume

The use of clean energy will protect our planet by reducing the use of fossil fuels. Because of more consumption of fossil fuels, our world is becoming very much weak. 

Hence, new technology will help us to deal with this problem and also develop clean energy. Because of the development of solar technology, the price of solar cells has decreased.

In recent years, the generation of electricity through wind turbines has developed. Hence, in the future, technology will help us to be away from fossil fuels.