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Guidance for Student Visa Subclass 500

Student Visa Subclass 500

This student visa 500 is a temporary visa. This visa allows staying in Australia for up to five years. The main purpose of this student visa 500 is that the applicant can continue their study at any educational institute in Australia.

Purpose of Subclass 500 visa

The main purpose of the student visa 500 is discussed below:

  • This student visa allows the student to stay in Australia and participate in any courses for five years in any university or educational institute for full time.
  • The students are eligible for this visa for traveling in Australia or out of Australia.
  • When the course is started, the students could get the chance to work for 40 hours in 2 weeks.

Eligibility criteria for the student subclass 500 visa

  • the student who is applying for the visa, the student age must be 18.
  • If the student is under 18, the student trying to prove to demonstrate they have financial and welfare arrangements.
  • The student needs to enroll in a full-time course at an Australian university or institute.
  • When the students submitted their visa application it is necessary to produce evidence to make sure their knowledge of the English language.
  • While any students hold this student visa 500 they could not apply for any other countries visa.
  • The students who are interested to continue their studies in Australia have enough money to stay and continue their studies in Australia.

Getting more adequate information to know about the student visa 500 it is better to contact with Migration Agent Perth.

Stay time of the student subclass visa

This Student Visa Subclass 500 is a temporary visa which is any student use for 5 years for their study purpose. Primary children who are registered for 1 to 4 years, this visa only extended a maximum of 2 years for the student. If any students expire their visa before their course complete they are eligible for a visitor visa.

Including family member

The students can add their families at the time of the visa application. If the applicant has any dependent child and the age is not more than 18, the child also attached to the application. If students do not declare about their family members can not allow for eligible in the student visa. The family member needs to fulfill all the criteria of the process of visa application.

Applying the process of student visa

The students can apply for student visa subclass 500 through the online process The students have all the documents to complete the whole application process and payment method and this process ensures that the application for a student visa is also valid. To get the information which is more important for the subclass student visa 500 better to contact the Migration Agent Perth WA.

Processing time

The processing time of the visa application depends on the study sector of the students.

  • Defense sector: 75% of the visa application within 9 days.
    90% of the visa application within 23days
  • Postgraduate sector: 75% of the visa application within 77 days.
    90% of the visa application within 5 months
  • Schools sector: 75% of the visa application within 29 days.
    90% of the visa application within 57 days
  • Higher education sector: 75% of the visa application within 15 days.
    90%of the visa application within 53 days

There are a few reasons when the application takes a longer process:

  • If the applicant does not fill correctly the application form.
  • If the applicant has not included all the documents which are needed.
  • When the authorities want more information from the applicant.

Cost of the student subclass visa

The total cost of the application fees of the student visa 500 is AUD620. The applicant has to pay another amount for the police certificate, health checkup, and biometrics.

Packaged courses

The applicant must give the CoE (confirmation of enrollment) to the authority about each and every course. The last courses which are taken by the applicant included in the main package of courses. If the first course is finished at the end of the academic year, the next courses will start in the second academic year.

Travel limitation of the student visa

When the student visa is valid this period the applicant can travel many times out of Australia.


The student visa 500 is important for students who are interested to continue their higher studies in Australia. Australian is one of the most efficient countries for higher studies and this quality easily attracts students from other countries. The visa authority digitally links the applicant visa with the passport; the applicant does not get any label in their passport.