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How AI is Reshaping Career in the Arab World?

Artificial Intelligence, which is propelled by machine learning and the internet of things (IoT), is evolving at a rapid rate. Undoubtedly, AI is making a buzz in the Arab world. Most Arab Countries including Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait are taking lead in implementing artificial intelligence both in their private and public spheres of lives.

With robotics, it is expected that both apprehension and enthusiasm will result among the users. The fourth industrial revolution will compel the organizations along with the government in the Arab world to move forward towards the use of computers and machines. This new technology is entering in every aspect of the business including different technology service companies like mobile app development. On the contrary, innovation has also turned out to be controversial in many ways too. From chatbots, robots, real-time data-analyzing apps, self-driving cars, to voice-assisted smartphones, AI is constantly influencing our everyday lives. 

AI is Reshaping Career

In the future, it will reshape not just the society but also careers as predicted by Gulf Writer. However, the question arises that with countries, whether the rapid rate of adoption will bring changes to individual careers or not? If yes, then how will this change come? This post will discuss how AI is reshaping career in the Arab world.

– It is estimated that by 2050, nearly 90% of the Gulf population will become urbanized due to which radical transformation in job opportunities is seen from now. Many of the employment opportunities in the Middle East especially Arab countries didn’t exist before, but now new domains of work have been introduced for people. All credit goes to AI which has made this possible. This has also increased the need for different machine learning courses and training programs. Professionals and other people should also enroll in these programs as it might help them in improving their skills and will assure them that they can be a part of the upcoming wave of technological development. 

– The e-commerce and retailing sectors are growing successfully in the Arab countries with AI making 19% of the GDP in these areas. This technology is applied within the enterprise to handle the database data efficiently by making it easier to implement and reach within the business purposes. By doing so, operational expenses are reducing while productivity is increasing to a great extent.

– Machine learning is also making some roles outdated in most Arab countries. Like for instance, activities and jobs relating to call center operations, classifying documents, and moderating documents can be performed easily with this latest automation. 

– This new automated technology identifies data to predict and perform determinations properly which were not present before. In the Arab world, the safety of people while traveling via public transport in public fields is developed by tracking their data in real terms. This will enable police officers to improve their skills and ability by making their citizens protected. 

– In the UAE, the forthcoming arrival of driverless buses, delivery drones, and robot police officers is a clear indication that how wide-ranging advances of AI will be. Other sectors like banking have also undergone a transformation. Now, traditional clerks are replaced by automated teller machines, which show that they have also adopted AI. This results in unemployment for people of more than 45 years of age as their roles are replaced by machines.

– Several companies within the UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait are adopting robot-advisors. The main reason for adopting this technology is that it is quite affordable. The managers within the trading departments are using this technical resource to predict the investment, which obtains more profits. Because of automation, the robot-advisors in an organization are able to provide their services much lower than the regular advisors. These advisors provide accurate and updated data on any action which a customer undergoes.

– An important application of AI in the banking sector is of continuous learning from the data provided and improving the decision making abilities and methods within time. Now, cybersecurity is the latest and modern topic for the banking service sector. This innovation has added value in both fields. Now, machine learning programs are applied to identify users’ models and unusual network management. Thus, more individuals are compelled to peruse a career in this field.

Final Thoughts:

The Arab countries are enhancing their region’s future growth scenario by adopting artificial intelligence. This automated technology will modify society in the future. On one hand, it will provide a technologically equipped workforce while on the other hand, it will also reduce employment opportunities for many people as most of the work will be done with the help of machines. 

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