How Can Your Business Breathe Without Existing on Social Media?

What is your reaction to the friend who says, “I don’t use WhatsApp?”

You must be thinking, “Do you still exist?”

You might be not, but I think the same.

My eyes get bigger if I heard someone isn’t on social media in the true social media world today.

Yes, In the world where everything is on social media, your food, your activity, your books, your games and so on, then why not your business?

Does business still exist without having an account on social media sites?

Yes, they might exist but I’m more than a hundred percent sure they wouldn’t be a successful business.

Because social media is the heart of marketing. It’s impossible to boost your online presence without making the most of social media sites.

Social media has become the norm for people. They hang out with friends; they post on their feed. They try a restaurant and post reviews on social media. For taking help or suggestions they write their questions on Quora. For ideas they use Pinterest. To hunt a job LinkedIn becomes the popular choice.

Regardless of the activity, inquiry, networking or generating ideas, social media has become the best choice and the ultimate solution for every problem.

It’s impossible to imagine a successful business without a robust social media presence.

Social Media is Everything

People use social media not only for marketing purposes but also to educate themselves, to gain insight into the latest trends and to resolve their queries. The rapid increase in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest has pushed forward the need for Facebook blueprint certified professionals and digital marketers to bolster business growth.

Thinking only a website is enough to grow your business presence is like living in a fool’s paradise despite having opportunities to grow.

I have seen people resisting social media because they think it’s a waste of time as it keeps you involved with its interesting features and updates and doesn’t let you focus on the thing that matters.

But being a business, if you’re not on social media, you’re responsible for giving up the chances of growth.

An Example to take Inspiration

I know a chef who cooks splendid meals for lunches and dinner, but her revenue is limited because she only serves orders that lands into her website. She resisted social media because she thinks it will distract her from her mission and will make herself lost in the bells and whistles. Although she’s running hard on finances, she never planned to scale herself by leveraging social media. One fine day I suggested her to make an Instagram account to start food blogging. She ignored my idea at first but when she searched other food bloggers on Instagram she got inspired and decided to start marketing her business.

Till date, she has now a sea of followers and she received more orders on her Instagram as compared to the website. She didn’t hire any digital marketing agency to do the part, she makes it to the top by utilizing the power of social media.

This is how social media plays an integral role in powering businesses and helping them scale their digital presence globally.

Choose your Social Media Channel

It indeed becomes hard for businesses to market themselves on every platform and build their separate presence on each platform. But nobody is asking you for that if you’re starting your social media just today.

Every marketing platform have their pros and cons such as LinkedIn is best for professionals and Instagram is great for bloggers and storytellers. So, you don’t have to be on each channel to grow your brand. Think about your business and what it does. If Facebook will prove excellent for your business, then start with Facebook marketing only. Create a business page on FB, post your description and start promoting through meaningful content.

Once you start receiving audience interaction on your post, you’ll see your business flourishing and maximizing the revenue.

And no matter which channel you choose, never sideline social media because it is the best way to gain an audience, boost brand visibility, and maximize your digital presence.

I hope by now, you have an idea of the importance of social media for your business. If you need some help, feel free to contact me in the comments section below.