How do you choose the best theme for WordPress? Here is a list to consider

theme for wordpress

In the 21st century, the concept of online businesses is overgrowing. Digitalization is providing all tools necessary to operate an online business smoothly. Social media forums are helping you engage with customers, while websites act as virtual shops. Thus, your goal should be to design a shop that offers the best shopping experience, and this would happen when you pick a suitable WordPress theme.

Most people feel overwhelmed when picking a theme. After all, there are thousands of items available online, and it could take you days to search through all of them. So, how do you narrow it feather to see the perfect one? Firstly, understand the market you are operating in because each theme caters to a different market. 

Secondly, you have to pick a theme that complements the content of your website while making sure it doesn’t halt the loading speed. Your website design is the face of WordPress and plays a vital role in how users and the SEO perceive your website. Let us take you through the steps to choose the best theme for WordPress. 

Look for Supported Plugins The real power of WordPress comes from the plugins since they make it possible for users to play with tools on the website. You will come across numerous plugins, but some essential ones are crucial for running the site smoothly. Look for plugins like gravity forms, Yoast SEO, making sure your theme supports these. Also, if you wish to explore more ideas for design with necessary built-in plugins, have a look here at, which will help you to optimize the speed of your site too. 

Pick A Responsive Theme 

In today’s world, responsiveness is not optional; it has become a necessity because people are accessing the website through different devices. A significant number of website traffic gets generated from mobile phones. Therefore, you have to pick a responsive theme that adjusts the layout across different screen sizes and devices. 

Moreover, Google even ranks mobile-friendly websites higher, making your web page visible on the top results. Thus, regardless of your business niche, topics, and demographics, you have to pick a responsive theme. You can test this feature either by resizing your browser’s screen or through Google’s mobile-friendly test page to identify potential red flags. 

Browser Compatibility

You might come across an incredible theme that looks perfect on your browser, but does it look the same on every browser? Here browser compatibility kicks in because not every browser works the same way. Some have technical glitches, compatibility issues, and broken systems. Therefore, before calling the shots, run your theme on sophisticated software, and run it through compatibility tests. Usually, developers mention this, but you can always test it on Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and other browsers.

SEO Friendliness 

Believe it or not, but a good-looking theme is not enough to help your online business climb the stairs of success. Many beginners fall for it without considering other things. It might make your virtual store look incredible, and still generate weak coded HTML, affecting the site’s performance on the search engine. 

SEO friendliness should be your utmost priority. After all, there is no time in having a well-designed website, if it is not visible to the audience. Hence, while choosing the theme, make sure it adheres to the requirement set by the search engine. 

Simplicity is the Key 

The audiences are looking forward to an impeccable virtual experience, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Your website design or theme should not be hindering the functionality or performance of your website. It becomes possible when you keep things simple, rather than opting for flashy colors, complex layouts, and overwhelming animations. Look for a theme that supports your goal without compromising on usability. With an uncomplicated design, the users will find their way around your website easily.

Page Builders 

Do you know what page builders are? Everyone doesn’t have the hang of technicalities like programming and coding. These page builders allow you to create marvelous websites, even if you don’t have any coding skills. It unmasks pre-built elements that you can add to your pages. Thus, when selecting a theme, you need to check whether it is offering page builders or not. 

Usually, WordPress themes have the feature of creating a layout using drag and drop elements. Whereas, premium themes come with pre-installed page builders. However, some page builders are complicated and may require much cleaning. Hence, it is desirable to stick to the widely used builders, leaving no room for mistakes. Besides, if your chosen theme doesn’t have a page builder, consider buying one. 

Final Thoughts:

Many businesses are struggling with their website themes because they weren’t able to pick the best one in the first place. Some are having trouble with customization, while others are trying to optimize it for mobile phones. You have to think about all these factors before settling for a theme by picking one that offers more than a good design. If you are wondering how? Have a look above and enjoy a perfect WordPress theme for your website.