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How Good Design Will Help Your E-Commerce Business Grow Faster Than Ever

A website is your first impression on the prospect that landed on it after your successful SEO attempts to become visible and drive traffic to your website. Before the prospect landed on your website, all your efforts so far were in the marketing of your website. Now the efforts to make sale starts. It’s like you have won half the war and now the real tussle starts to win the next half.

Ecommerce website design should be such that it engages the users the moment they land on your website. Unless you succeed in engaging the user, they will simply abandon the page without exploring the stuff you are offering and making any purchase. 

Here are a few things that an eCommerce website design company should consider to make your business grow faster.

Online Store Should Be Appealing

Your website is your online store, which should be designed in such a manner that it is user-friendly, appealing and interactive. Only if its ticks all these parameters, people will be interested and motivated to explore it and make a purchase.

It’s very important to have an organized, clean and crisp layout. Adding good quality pictures of products or small videos describing the product helps in keeping the prospective buyers engaged and motivates them to buy.

Make the Website Interactive

The experience that visitors get on your website should not be a passive one as it repels them and forces them to abandon it in no time. Instead, you should add elements that engage the users and motivate them to spend time on your website exploring the various products and services you are offering.

To make the website more interactive and hence more engaging, you can make use of animations to describe your offerings with the option of scrolling and clicking to know more about it.

Make the Experience Memorable for Visitors

Even if a visitor doesn’t make a purchase, the experience should be memorable for them. This compels them to visit again or to tell about your website in their circles of influence, which can get you many more visitors. One of the best ways to make the experience memorable is animation. Having a visually arresting image on your web page often attracts and interests the users.

You can even use this medium to convey a story or a message to your targeted audience. This mode of communication is very powerful than conveying something in textual form. Care should, however, be taken to use this medium in the right manner. If it results in distracting the viewers rather than delivering the larger message, then you will end up losing prospective buyers.

Showcase Your Products

You are in the eCommerce business and unless you showcase your products you can’t lure the visitors to buy them. As you are a digital showroom, you will have to showcase the quality or premium products that you are offering through high-quality images, options of zooming, uploading different angle views, video highlighting etc. If you showcase the stuff in the right and appealing manner, you can increase your conversion rates by another 25-30%.

Engage Your Non-Buying Visitors Too

A majority of visitors just land to explore. The website design should be such that it motivates these non-buyers to convert into buyers. For this, secondary CTA (Call to Action) should be placed appropriately on your webpage. These casual visitors should see a value in these CTAs and thus get motivated to take action.

The entire designing of the eCommerce website should be done keeping the user experience and engagement in mind. If you succeed in this, users will not only make a purchase but also make repeated visits leading to brand loyalty and retention and eventually more sales.