How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop

If something goes wrong with your old laptop you will understand it even if you have no technical knowledge. Especially if you are talking about a system you bought 5-6 years ago. You may have noticed that your laptop has begun and is “drowned” in any work you do, or that its maximum battery life is decreasing more and more until it can not work without being plugged into the outlet.

A laptop is designed for portability and ease of use and if it can not offer you anything, then it’s time to make some decisions.

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Has your need/requirements increased?

If your laptop still works properly, that is, running all the applications you want quite well, and accessing all the services you want without problems, you may not need to upgrade. In this case, the right time to invest in a new system is when you notice that your needs have changed and the laptop you have in your hands no longer meets those needs.

You may have a heavier laptop because you may not be so interested in portability, but then your professional duties often require travel. Now, your laptop looks pretty heavy and the “limited” battery life no longer covers you. In addition, you may need a desktop replacement to do all the “heavy” tasks required by your job: eg. video and image editing.

If you are a gamer, perhaps the video games you played two years ago can run flawlessly on your laptop, but what about the most modern and demanding games? Do you eventually need more processing power? In addition, Internet services may have grown beyond the capabilities of your laptop, and you can not track high-definition content, like YouTube videos, movies, etc., forcing you to always show the lower resolution versions.

So, briefly, depending on your needs, you should look at whether your laptop covers you in terms of screen size and weight, battery life, performance (CPU, graphics, RAM), storage options, and many other features. It is worth mentioning that some of these subsystems, such as a hard drive or battery, might be replaceable and add time to your laptop’s life, so check it out.

How ergonomic is your old laptop?

The most important parts of each notebook are the input units, namely the keyboard and the touchpad, as well as its screen. If one of them does not offer you the comfort you need, then it’s time to send your old laptop to recycling. If the keys are stiff and do not respond, or if the touchpad sends the cursor to different parts of the screen, this is another reason to invest in a new laptop.

You think about upgrades but … you’re waiting for something

There will always be a newer model with more features and features than what you just bought, but the point is choosing what really will cover you. There are many affordable proposals that can meet every need, so whatever you have, you know that you will invest your money properly. You do not have to wait forever at the right time.

However, if you do not want to replace your old laptop because there are “alternatives” (eg, hardware upgrades), you need to look at whether these solutions really are good for you.

“Better Upgrade RAM”

Upgrading your laptop – hardware level – can be done for a number of reasons. The applications you use may be “heavy” for your system and you need more processing power, or need more VRAM and/or RAM to play video games, need more storage space to install more applications and/or save your files such as documents, media files, etc.

In the latter case, you can replace the hard drive with a larger capacity. As far as processing power is concerned, it should be noted that upgrading a laptop is not as easy and affordable, as with a desktop computer. You can not upgrade the processor while not all laptops have a standalone graphics card.

On the other hand, if you’re talking about a four-year (and a roll) laptop, you will not see a difference in performance with more RAM, even if you install a solid-state solid state drive that offers you faster write / reading – because they are not mechanical parts, such as HDDs – are usually more expensive than conventional hard drives and offer significantly less space. Also, it should be noted that a fairly old laptop might not even be upgraded.

“I’m comfortable with Windows XP”

There are many users who still insist on using Windows XP, because – for their own reasons – they do not want to upgrade. You should know that this particular (“obsolete”) operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft, which means that you greatly risk the security of your system and are permanently exposed to various threats on the Internet.

Beyond the security of the system, which is most important, there are other issues with an old operating system such as compatibility with newer versions of applications you use. Also, compatibility with devices and peripherals is not a prerequisite – for example, if you decide to invest in a new printer, you should be aware that it may not work with such an old operating system.

Of course, to still use Windows XP it also means that your laptop is old enough, so even if you want to upgrade to Windows 10 it’s probably not compatible with your old system. Also think that to upgrade to the newest Microsoft operating system you will need to buy Windows 8, which means additional costs. It is obvious that by purchasing a new system you will be comfortable with your work while saving enough money.

“Repair Makes Me Better”

You upgraded the functional yet again … something is wrong. Browsing continues to be tedious, the browser does not “open” quickly, while the system remains noisy and hangs constantly. Perhaps the hard drive, RAM, the processor raises “cold” temperatures, or, worse, it’s all! If we talk about a laptop that was bought 2-3 years ago, it might be worth repairing, but again, if eg.

there is a problem with the processor or graphics card no one can guarantee that it will not spoil again in the coming months. Obviously, if your laptop does not work properly and is not covered by the warranty, it will cost more repair than what the laptop itself really deserves. The point is you do not have to go every so often to the technician, which means losing time and money. There are so many affordable suggestions out there that it will probably cost you less to buy a new laptop.

“And what about the files and applications I have on my old laptop?”

You want to replace your old laptop but what troubles you is what will all of these apps and files stored on it be made of. As for the files you have on your current laptop, you can easily back up on an external hard drive and then transfer it to your new system. In fact, if you have an external SSD drive, you will also reduce the waiting time for transferring your valuable files, photos, videos, etc.

Of course, there is always a cloud solution for your work and word files. You store them in the cloud and you can download and edit them from any device. Therefore, this problem has already been solved. Also, you should not worry about the video games and apps you had installed on your old laptop, as they will run smoothly in Windows 10.

Think of Universal Apps now. When you buy one of these applications (from Windows 10 store), you will have access to all versions of the app: for your computer, phone, and tablet. To open the app on one of these devices, just connect to your Microsoft account and download it. Universal apps have been optimized for each platform separately. This means that the user benefits from any unique features of that device, such as the touch screen, or mouse and keyboard support. Thus, the application will be easy to use in any format, if used.

Makes it more productive with Windows 10

The only sure thing is that with an old, “troubled” laptop you will not be as productive as you would like, and you will not be able to enjoy the features and features that a modern system can offer, such as synchronizing your files and settings so you can continue from where you left off without having to worry about using Windows phone, PC or tablet, or stream music and video to another smart device. Think also that if you own Xbox One you will be able to stream everything from Xbox One to your computer using your home network.