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How to 3D Print Your Own Figurines?

Ever imagined how your favorite movie star switched into an animated character? I am sure all of us have done that and also at some point in our life we all have pictured ourselves as superheroes in those animated movies. 

How about turning those dreams into reality? What if I just tell you that you can now make your very own superhero figurine by following a few easy steps?

3D Print

And to your utter surprise, you don’t even need to have super-advanced 3D modeling skills or high tech equipment to build your own Superman. This article will teach you the steps to create your own 3D printing figurine.

There are some basic Prerequisites to make 3D print figurine which are-

First of all, you should have a 3D supporting software installed on your computer which can be used to construct a 3D scanning model, the most commonly used ones are SKANECT and RECONSTRUCT ME. The other thing that you will require is an Xbox Kinect that will work in sync with your computer. Most crucial equipment out of all is a 3D printer which will help you to print any 3D picture, from small miniatures to big creatures. It is easy and simple to operate.

Procedure to make a 3D figurine:

Now, to begin with, the process you have to start scanning the object, you can use Xbox Kinect or Reconstruct me for the same, whichever you are comfortable with. Before using an Xbox Kinect make sure that there is enough space in the room for it to function efficiently as it has two cameras one is infrared, and other is a color camera which can easily measure the spatial dimensions of the object.

Set and define a particular area which has to be scanned. Avoid unnecessary lighting in that area, especially sunlight.   Check every minute detail of the object/ area underscan. Make sure that you scan the object from a top-down angle to properly scan the details.

Moving forward, we have to use the Skanect to fill the detailing and colors in the scanned image, to make it more appealing and to add the finish to it. You can also play with the surroundings of the scanned object to strengthen the appeal of the object.

You can use various tools available on Skanect to edit the aesthetics of the object, and you can also use 3D studio max to modify and give a final edit to the object after this final step, the object is ready to be delivered in its physical state.

Connect your system with the 3D printer to print your masterpiece and bring it to life. This was the detailed guide to enable you to build your own figurine.