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How To Build A Strong Visualization

Human beings have various authorities over the other living beings. With the power of their imagination and visualization, they have been able to attain the apex in the field of science and research. It is the invention of technology only that we are able to share our views and experiences all throughout the world. Realising the power of human dreams is beyond the capacity of any other living being. In such a scenario, we should be thankful for the human life and should try our best to use our Visualization Exercise for creating better experiences. The power of visualization has been often talking about in different settings using different words but the meaning conveyed has been similar- to realize the power of your dreams. When you visualize a dream and want to accomplish it, automatically our mind channelizes itself with the creation of the world to work in that direction.

How does the visualization happen?

Visualization Exercise can easily be attained without any practice. Actually, when we think about something, we automatically tend to visualize it without any special efforts. The problem is that we do not realize consciously at that time what we are visualizing. In such a scenario, our mind doesn’t go beyond a limit and continuously keeps on repeating the same pictures without taking the further step. However, if we become a little conscious of our being, we can refine our Visualization Exercise easily. Do it deliberately a few times to practice and refine your Visualization Exercise. For example- take a pause and imagine visiting a salon for a haircut. Imagine the different haircuts that are available in the shop.  Now what you choose among the options that are available to you and how much time does it take for you to make the choice. It takes hardly any time for your visualization to make you identify how you would appear in each of those hairstyles and what will look the best on to you! Such is the power of visualization. This is not an art that needs to be learned by anyone of us. This is a practice that needs to be enhanced by our efforts so that we attain the results that we have always wanted to.


In this article we will tell you a few ways that will help you in building strong visualization:

  1. Let the negativity ponder, face it and trash it:

At the end of the day, we need to realize that no life is perfect! Despite our continuous efforts to keep away the negativity from our lives, it keeps on coming back to us with all its strength. So it has to be understood that the negativity is a part and parcel of our life. We just need to deal with it with all our might so that its effects get lessened and it does not deteriorate our lifestyle. The human emotions of gloominess, sadness, hate, rage, jealous, annoyance are the common elements of negativity. We often come across preaching where we are told that we should keep away these negative feelings from our lives. However, we know that all our lives we keep on making efforts to keep them away and these always come back with mightier force as much as we try to avoid them.

Therefore, we suggest you embrace them now so that they do not get powerful with suppression. Take out some time alone whenever you go through such negative feelings. Start talking to yourself. Be angry, upset, irritated and everything that your thoughts take you through. Let the tears roll down because of the way you feel and relax. The tears are a good sign of letting the negativity fallout from your mind. Now use your Visualization Exercise to create beautiful experiences. Feel liberated for some time and let yourself stay in that state for a few minutes. Just remember at the end of it that difficult times and negative feelings are a part of every life. you just need to learn to deal with them.


  1. Adorn the attitude of gratitude to enhance your happiness:

When life pulls you down and urges you to be helpless in certain situations, the attitude of gratitude is really going to help. The best part about adopting this technique is that gratitude never lets you fall. It always gives you an upper hand in every situation. So whenever you go through a terrible situation, just sit down and relax. Instead of cursing the circumstances, change your visualization and find out something that you are grateful of! Use the experiences of your Visualization Exercise and let the positive vibes set in. Remember that life was not the same before and life will not be the same as ever. You just need to let this phase go and things will settle in. Your visualization should set you on the path of attainment of happiness.