How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Accessories

Congratulations! You’ve found The Dress! Now it’s time to complete your own signature look for your big day. From veils and tiaras to belts and handbags, deciding which wedding accessories are right for you can seem almost as overwhelming as choosing your dress in the first place. Not to worry. Check out these simple tips for choosing the perfect accessories!

Take inspiration from your gown

You’ve already got a gown you love, so of course, it should be the starting point for the rest of your look. Wedding dresses boutiques carry accessories created by the same designers who made your gown, so you can be sure the designs will match. Take a look at the embellishments on your gown. Does the lace use floral designs or more abstract shapes? Are there rhinestones or pearls? Use these details to find accessories to match. Another aspect to consider is the shape of the gown itself. For example, if the low back is a feature you want to show off, a long veil won’t be your best option.

Wedding Accessories

Don’t be afraid to be playful!

Always remember: it’s your day! While there are plenty of gorgeous, classic bridal accessories available, you can always opt for something a little quirky or colorful. Adding a colorful belt, for example, can tie in your look with your bridesmaids—or serve as your “something blue.” Have a flair for vintage? Instead of a traditional veil, opt for a fascinator with a birdcage veil for a touch of glam. Whatever look suits you best, you can (and should!) choose accessories to match.

Consider your look from top to toe

Wedding dresses boutiques exist to make sure that your outfit is perfect from head to toe, so once you’ve found your dress, don’t stop there! Make sure to experiment with veils, belts, gloves, hairpieces, and other accessories while you’re in-store to get the full idea of what your final look will be. Not only does this help you when planning things like your hair and makeup, but it can also help you make important decisions about how you want your dress to be altered, which your seamstress will need to know.

Wedding Accessories

Combine something old and something new

Do you have a family heirloom you want to include on your special day? Maybe a string of pearls your mother wore on her wedding or a veil that’s been passed down through the generations. It’s an extra personal touch to be able to include special mementos like this, but what if they don’t fit with your style? Thankfully, there are ways to blend the old with the new. Talk to your consultants about the accessories you love, and the heirlooms you want to include. You may be able to feature antique jewelry on a beaded belt, for example, or add a gorgeous new veil to the vintage headpiece you want to wear.

Feeling inspired? Come check out the range of accessories at Flares, or talk to our top bridal stylists about the finishing touches to add to your big day!