How To Choose The Right Ecommerce Development Agency?

If you are an entrepreneur and don’t have a presence on any of the established ecommerce platforms or at least have your own e-store, then you are not only missing the action, but are taking slow steps towards oblivion. 

In fact, starting your own ecommerce platform or your own e-store can be the most ambitious things that you may have ever done after deciding to turn into an entrepreneur.

After this first decision, the second most important decision that you would take in looking for an ecommerce agency. 

This is the second most important decision simply because an webmaxed ecommerce development agency can help you not only strategize your plans but also create the entire working structure and develop the complete technical and commercial segment of the puzzle. 

Hence, the role of an agency becomes very crucial. This is the sole reason why the selection of a right partner on this arduous journey becomes a landmark decision.

So, if you are planning your debut on an ecommerce platform or are thinking of launching your own platform or an e-store, then what are the key elements that you should be attending to?

After having supported many brands to debut on some of the most famous and successful ecommerce platforms and their own e-stores, WebMaxed ecommerce services have created certain guiding principles which will help organisations go fast on the digital highway.

  1. Does the development agency show interest in knowing your business goals?

Ideally, this should be the first activity that your chosen agency undertakes. Infact, their interest levels in knowing your business goals and products/services even before they propose you a tentative model is one assuring sign. Always remember agencies who are proactive in knowing your business model even before proposing you a solution are the ones who will eventually be able to do justice to the project.  

  1. Are they promising you the moon?

If you are looking for an ecommerce agency to partner, then search for one which has the guts to not offer you the moon. The world is full of fly-by-night agencies which will go to whatever extent just to win over your mandate. These include quoting you the least cost, guaranteeing you sales and offering you out-of-the world functionalities. Remember, while all these are possible, they are dependent  on crucial resources like time, money and technology. Always be wary of an agency that promises the moon. 

  1. Ask for the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and not just costs. 

Besides the money paid to the development agency, there are a lot of other important cost heads for an ecommerce platform. These include things like post-production, maintenance, upgrades, technology licenses etc. It is always wise to look at the TCO rather than focus only on the agency’s fee alone. It is quite possible that you may opt not to digitise a particular back-end process since it does not affect the customer experience or your efficiency thus saving you some costs and vice versa. 

  1. Are they proactive or are they reactive?

Needless to say, proactive agencies are always better than reactive ones. Do they think of issues and their likely solutions even before the issue has cropped up or is still in the nascent stage or are they, excellent firefighters? The latter is a sign of a reactive agency and hence needs cautious treading. Remember, ecommerce is one area where customers do not give a second chance hence a proactive agency is preferred.

  1. How rich is their past experience?

A successful ecommerce platform offers amazing UI/UX experience to its customers and also phenomenal ease of use to the operator on the back-end irrespective of the industry or geography. One of the easiest ways to check this is by looking at their client list or their blogs sections. This is where players like WebMaxed ecommerce services score high as we have a rich experience of working on some of the widest range of industry verticals, technology platforms and in multiple geographies with clients of all sizes and turnovers.   

  1. How evolved is their development process?

Always ask your potential development agency to explain their development process. The answer to this question always gives you an idea about their clarity of thoughts, quality of resources and their commitment levels towards your projects. Answers that don’t seem right or are too good to be true are sure red flags. Ecommerce is a very evolving and dynamic field and agencies who claim to be the masters are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

Remember, the only way you can choose the right ecommerce development agency is by keeping your eyes and ears wide open. Any wrong decision taken at this juncture will prove very costly to rectify later on. Hence, it always pays to be safe today than be sorry on a later date.