How to Earn a High Salary Hike in the Testing Domain?

Earn a High Salary

Software Testing is a part of the Software Development Life Cycle, the testing phase is done to ensure the quality of the software application development. Testing can be described this way, but when it is been dug deeper then, it is an iceberg hidden beneath the water. Software testing has a vital role in software application development that companies have started paying more attention to testing/quality assurance. One of the major advantages of Selenium tool is that it helps to overcome the idea of doing the same task multiple times, where automation starts to reveal its advantages.

Roles & Responsibilities of an Automation Tester

A person performing automation testing would be working on Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid to achieve best results. The job role of Automation Testing similar to that of development, where the automation tester has to understand the application behavior and has to write the test automation script to achieve maximum testing. Just like the developer, an automation tester will be working according to the steps provided by the Business Analyst. This approach is called Behavioral Driven Development or Behavioral Driven Test in the industry, along with that using Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CICD) tools like Jenkins, to automate the automated scripts. Undergo Selenium training in Chennai to explore the automation world.

The Way Selenium Does It

Selenium is fast while executing the test cases, due to which it is widely used for automation testing in the IT industry. Apart from being fast alone, it is developed with the base of Java, which is an added advantage as it is developed in the base of one of the widely used application development in the IT field.

Selenium offers the ability to interact with multiple browsers parallel with the help of Selenium Grid and this helps to overcome the cross-platform testing parallel. It would consume a lot of time if manual testing people are deployed for cross-platform testing, but with the help of Selenium, this can be achieved using Selenium Grid. Apart from all the above-mentioned advantages of Selenium WebDriver, it provides the facility to interact with the web elements and also to achieve the desired tasks with a lot of customized options. Learn Selenium by taking a course in RPA training in Chennai, which would help to land a job in automation as it has a lot of demand in the IT field.

How does Selenium help to Earn More?

Selenium is one of the tools that have a lot of demand in the market, but still, a lot of people go for codeless automation because there isn’t any necessity to code. But Selenium provides the flexibility of altering the code according to the requirement, in case of other codeless tools regardless of their pros if a tester wants to test an application using the tool and faces any difficulty then the company might have to contact the service provider (tool owner) to add the functions that are required. But Selenium provides that flexibility of writing our scripts according to the behavior of the application. This is the reason that most companies are going for Selenium automation and are willing to pay the lucrative salary for the deserving candidates. 

Test Automation is generally utilized in the product advancement life cycle, which has been incorporated into between the improvement and testing stages. Test mechanization spares a great deal of time in the cutting edge world as the business is working in nimble strategy. Mechanization testing will be initiated directly after the improvement begins. In this situation, the testing period of the venture will experience a ton of relapse testing, which would kill a great deal of time when done physically. In any case, computerization testing goes about as documentation while manual testing doesn’t give any documentation of the work that has been finished by the analyzer, except if every one of the means and activities is reported.

There are a lot of favorable circumstances and advantages with regards to robotization testing as opposed to manual testing. Along with Selenium, Jenkins, Maven and other such tools will add an advantage when it comes to the Automation Testing job role. Companies that are in heavy demand of manpower would be willing to pay even more than others, so altogether if you’re looking to excel in the testing domain then learning Selenium will be the best bet.