How To Make Money On YouTube (4 Simple Strategies)

I’m going to write to you exactly how to make money on YouTube. So you want to learn how to make money on YouTube. Well, in this article we’re going to give you the answer. In fact, there are actually 4 different ways that you can be making money on YouTube. However, I only recommend one and that’s the last one. So let’s go ahead and let’s started

  1. Google Adsense

Number 1 the first way you can make money on YouTube is through the Google AdSense program. The way this work is you simply monetize your channel on YouTube and then YouTube or google the same thing. It’s going to start giving you money a very a small amount of money based on the number of views that you get. Now if you active the monetization on all your videos what you’ll quickly start noticing is that they’re going to beads and ads everywhere. There are my banner ads on the side as we banner entire the bottom. There’s even maybe free roll video ads before your videos even play. So the question here is should you do or activate the AdSense program or monetize your account? The answer is no, absolutely not. Here’s the number one reason right now why would you want to send anything away from your video? Why would you want your viewers to click somewhere else for just a few pennies? It’s totally not worth it if you have a business and here’s the other thing about the AdSense program. I know a lot of friends who have some rather big channel on YouTube way bigger than mine. I know someone who has over 12 million views on YouTube. We’ve activated every video for monetization and they make about 500$ a month. Now, most people who are just getting started on YouTube could only dream of 5 million views. Here’s someone who has made it and who’s doing it has thousands upon thousands of subscriber and they make 500 dollars a month. Can you really leave of 500 dollars a month? No, you can’t. This is why I totally don’t recommend the AdSense program.

Make Money

  1. Affiliate Products

 So what do you do just take a look at number 2? The second way you can monetize YouTube and make money with YouTube is through promoting recommending and reviewing affiliate products. Now thanks to like company Amazon, ClickBank, and commission junction. You can actually create videos where you recommend or review or do an open box reveal of a product that you use and like. It’s a great way to make money without actually creating a product of your own. So actually pretty cool.

  1. Sponsorships

Let’s look at the third way or the third strategy for making money on YouTube and this comes down to sponsorships. You’ve seen this before people will get a product placement. You know it’s in movies all the time you seem like a guy drinking Pepsi in your favorite transformers movie. This is basically the same things where a company is paying you to display their product, where their clothes show off etc and they’re just paying you a flat fee or maybe it’s there some other type of relationship that you’ve created. This is a nice strategy because it’s kind of cool if someone came to me and said Mithu wear my shirt I might consider it but the thing is I already have a channel built up. So it’s kind of chicken before the egg or the carriage before the horse in that you have to channel with views before you can start doing this because the business owner isn’t going to want to come to you and say hey I’ll sponsor your channel with three subscriber eleven views. So it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to get sponsors when you’re getting started out but you’ll notice that once you’ll succeed in YouTube. People will approach you.

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  1. Lead Generation Source

those are the three main strategies that I see 99% of people that actually are making or trying to make money on YouTube are actually following and ironically this fourth one which I’ve saved till the end is the most effective way to make money on YouTube have so few people are doing that what I’ve taught since the day I started teaching YouTube and what’s I do my business every day and it comes down to looking at YouTube as a lead generation source. If you’re here my ideal audience the ideal person that I want to be taking to the right is a small business owner which means they have a business of their own whether it’s online or offline they already have a product service software solution. So that should be you, you don’t want to promote affiliate products you don’t want sponsors. You don’t want to talk about ads and banner and pre-roll videos. You want to talk about your stuff. So the way you look at YouTube effectively as a lead generation source. So the way ends a video every time you put something on YouTube. You don’t sell them something, you don’t check out affiliate products. You say come to get my free reports, come to get my free consultation, my free video serious, my free training, come to click this website to get a free quote to learn more. This way you get the traffic off of YouTube. You get them the heck off of YouTube. You get them to your site, get them to give you their contact information and then you follow up with them that is the only way that I truly know how to make money on YouTube.