Despite being crowded the whole weekend. VISIT LONG BEACH  is one of the most underrated places in America when it comes to attracting natives and tourists. Long Beach is brimming with vibrant art, culture, cuisine, music and yet have been overlooked for so long. What’s more attractive about this place is that is affordable and has one of the friendliest neighborhood in California. Also, how can we even forget the oceanfront, the harbors, the beaches, and marinas?

If the reason mentioned above is not convincing enough for you to go on a trip to Long Beach for a day or two, then let us unravel and tell you about some of the best places to go In Long Beach Ca and things to do in Long Beach, California:

Queen Mary:

You will have to start with that one thing that gives Long Beach an international recognition, the most magnificent luxury liner to have sailed the sea, RMS Queen Mary. Now converted into a floating hotel with acclaimed restaurants and spas, this currently holds the crown of being a significant tourist attraction in America. You can learn about the rich history of this magnificent ship in the guided tour. Relish in the award-winning cuisines at the restaurant and treat yourself to some excellent wines at the bars and lounges.


Long Beach Museum of Art:

Are you fascinated by paintings, sculptures, and drawings? Then you have to visit the Long Beach Museum of Art, which has a permanent collection of arts, of various genres, in its exhibit. What makes this museum special is that it has a beautiful outdoor cafe when you can relax after strolling into the museum. This museum is especially recommended for kids since they host educational programs and workshops to encourage the budding artists in the children

Naples Canals:

Fancy an Italian neighborhood in America? Head to Naples Canals. Also called as the Dreamland of South California, Naples Canals is a small Long Beach community inspired by its Italian counterpart, mainly the three islands that give the Italian sense in its narrow, narrow streets and walkways, canals, houses and boats, water fountain in a complex, etc.

Long Beach Antique Market:

Are you an archaic lover? Do you love collecting vintage pieces, items that have witness stories and been a part of it? Then you should visit the traditional flea market, Long Beach Antique Market, operating the third Sunday of every month. Sprawled in a wide area, your legs might get tired halfway into the market, but your mind would want to check out the whole store, which would be made vibrant by more than 5000 sellers selling rare, exquisite antique pieces. From types of furniture to cutlery to vintage wardrobe, you name it, and the long beach antique market has it at unbelievably low prices.

We hope we have got you intrigued and excited about your next trip to Long Beach. If you wish to know more about the exciting stuff that you can do In Long Beach, make it a point to read travel blogs as much as you can, verify the information on the web and then plan a perfect getaway to this harbor city.