How To Nail Workwear For Women

How To Nail Workwear For Women

Workwear for women is reaching new heights and the meaning for workwear is defining itself in all spheres be it womenswear or menswear. Formal attire for women is not just about sharp structured trousers and a crisp shirt but it’s more about the way you experiment and carry out your outfits and mix and match to get numerous alternatives. While many think clothes should not be repeated, the most common mistake that they do is to wear the same outfit again and again without experimenting with more styles and accessories. Office wear can also include skirts, jumpsuits and the ever favourite dresses that are easy to wear and carry and can be worn for the entire day without feeling uncomfortable in it.

Silhouette: finding your right body type is one of the most important factors and mostly the foremost thing to do before you go out to buy numerous outfits for yourself. Finding your body type will only lead to a much easier shopping experience as those ways you’ll be better equipped to understand what looks best on your body, what flatters your curves the most and what all outfits you should definitely avoid. For instance, someone who is tall, silhouettes that have a straighter fit will look the best on you as they will make your body look more structured and fuller. Similarly, for someone who is a bit on the heavier side, silhouettes that cinch at the waist or below the bust, as well as straighter fits, will compliment your body as they will hide as well as accentuate your problem points in the right way without making your look bulkier than before.


Outfit choices: when it comes to deciding what to wear to work, not many ideas pop into head other than a basic pair of trousers and a shirt. And yes, although this option is a go-to on days when nothing strikes your head for a good outfit, there are numerous options that lie in your wardrobe and are yet to experiment for work. For instance options like a jumpsuit, a midi skirt, or even a floral dress can be worn to work with just a little bit of corporate styling and you are good to go. Culottes, for that matter also look great for the office and are super comfortable to wear the entire day.

Accessories Well: accessorising is the key to nail the look right. Whether you are going out for a family dinner or even for an after work party, if you accessorise your look well, you are bound to rock your outfits most of the time. Accessories can really break or make your look and when paired well, even the most basic look can look great. For workwear outfits and looks, pick jewellery that is not only minimal and chic but also looks elegant. A good pair of footwear also does wonders, but if you are someone who loves heels yet looks for comfort then blocks heels or wedge heels are your way to go. Loafers and oxfords also look best for workwear and can be paired with almost anything.