How to Promote Your New Year Party through Social Media?

New Year Party

New Year party is one of the most significant opportunities for corporate companies, as well as brands to connect with their potential clients. It can also be utilized as a source of increasing popularity among the general public. The social media is the perfect platform for achieving the purpose, without making people join the event.

The UAE has a great responsibility on its shoulders, as the New Year is nearing. World Expo is being conducted in Dubai, which will commence in 2020, and the corporate sector has the pressure as well as the opportunity to ensure its success. New Year party and social media promotion can be utilized effectively for the purpose.

Managing the event requires excellent effort and social media handling at the same time can increase the burden of the event organizers. Some corporate companies hire the services of events companies in Abu Dhabi and ensure the successful promotion of their event through social media while enjoying it as well. 

This article will shed light on the ways that you can utilize to promote your New Year party through social media accounts. 

Top 4 Ways to Create Hype of New Year Party through Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are the popular social media applications that are actively used by the young population across the globe. Instagram is becoming more and more popular in recent times due to its unique features and interactive experience. So, you can utilize it effectively to create a hype about your event.

The following are the top ways to utilize social media, specifically Instagram, to create a hype of your event among your potential clients.

1. Go Live Through Different Forums

The twenty-first century is quite fast-paced. People like to know what’s happening in the moment and not two or three days after it. They will lose interest in the old news or event and explore the newer. So, go live through your social media accounts as soon as the game starts. Instagram is an effective medium for it, as 70% of stories are watched with sound. It will help your audience connect to you on an advanced level.

2. Create Poll about Activities

Another important way to create a hype of your New Year party among your target audience is by creating a poll about different activities. It can be created at the start to make people guess the location and theme. You can also create it during the event to ask people what’s coming next or at the end of the game to ask people if the party was lit or flop.

3. Let Influencers Take Over

The influencers are more popular than celebrities in today’s modern era. People want to know what they are doing and follow their suggestions in different contexts, as well. So, to make your New Year party stand out and become the most trending topic on social media, include influencers in it. Moreover, let the influencers take over your social media accounts and share the details of the event with the public and their followers.

4. Promote your Partners

Another essential way to create the hype of your New Year party among your target audience is by promoting your partners. The dynamics of society have changed quite significantly in the twenty-first century. It is the era of supporting and celebrating promoters, influencers, and sponsors. So give the due credit to them. It will increase your popularity among their followers.

Are you looking for more ways?

Well, here is a unique way of promoting your event among the public. You can create a contest and offer a special gift or prize to the winner. You must be dreading how to manage all of it with your limited support. However, PR is an essential part of corporate events, which you should never ignore.

If you are worried your employees will not be able to enjoy the event and waste time in preparations, here is a great solution. You can hire the services of events companies in Abu Dhabi and ensure smooth organization as well as PR management of your event. You can ensure that your employees sit back and enjoy the perfectly organized contest.

So, do not waste any more time as New Year’s Eve is just two weeks away. Develop your strategy and start working on it now to ensure its success.