Specific Forklifts

How to Solve Warehouse Problems by Choosing Specific Forklifts

Specific Forklifts

Most warehouse problems often don’t get the right attention that they deserve. Usually, this is because of the amount of work that they need to carry out. It leaves no time for operators to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. When operating forklifts, it is best to be aware of the common warehouse problems and ensure to solve them as soon as possible.

First, when you invest in used forklift trucks for sale, you have to understand the challenges that tag along with it. You should be aware of the right options, and then explore possible solutions that will help to make the operations efficient. Here are the common forklift problems and how specific forklifts can help.

Narrow Aisles

When you have narrow aisles around, this can make it quite difficult to navigate equipment, and it will slow down the operations. Of course, not to mention the occasional damages that could occur from bumping into the things around.

The best solution here is to choose from the wide variety of forklifts available. You can visit experts, such as those at Bobby Park Truck & Equipment who would guide about the different models available. They can guide you well about the ones designed specifically for narrow spaces. For example, consider choosing a narrow aisle forklift. These are great and they allow the operators to stand up, rather than sit down. It also offers a better view of the material they wish to work with, reducing accidents and making it easier to navigate the equipment.

Higher Reach

This can be a problem as well. When it comes to picking orders, you will need more vertical reach as well. The solution here is to choose one from the many order-picking types of equipment available. These are designed for low-level needs as well, but they lack the right ability when reaching higher items. You should also try to use a high level or mid-level order pickers. These can move and operate around the warehouse easily while they gain the ability to reach upper-level racks.

A High Elevation

Usually, some warehouses require that workers should put themselves in situations that require high elevation. This calls for the need to maintain a portable and stable work platform. For such situations, personnel lifts can help employees to get their work done in situations that have high elevation. For example, using telescoping boom lifts will help to extend vertical reach. It is controllable by operators as well from the top of a platform. Boom lifts are also drivable at full elevation and reach positions that telescoping lifts cannot. In addition, scissor lifts are also suitable options especially when you need more lifting capacity and workspace since they offer more work platforms and make it easier to carry heavy loads.

Changing the Battery

For sure, a warehouse is busy. Hence it is important to maintain and change the battery of the forklift when it becomes difficult to handle the equipment. It could be time to switch the batteries, which charge much faster compared to others like lead-acid and require minimal maintenance. Although these are quite expensive, they should provide savings in the long run.

The Need for More Labor

Usually, it is a requirement to have more employees especially when it comes to transporting more items from point to the other. This also takes up more time and leads to a slow rate of completion of other tasks. As such, it is best to consider having your warehouse with a conveying system, or a forklift. You can also have automated carts that navigate an optical tracking system to move goods from one place to the other.


Although your business operations may be moving smoothly. If you have concerns that you aren’t taking complete advantage of automation, you should search for options that increase efficiency. The best solution is to choose automated vehicles. These utilize laser mapping technologies to create unique maps of the layout of the facility. Advanced software also enables self-guided trucks to perform tasks better while working with the operators. Automated vehicles can be well-programmed to know when and where to pick up an item. They can move into the right locations. In addition, technology can help to determine the best position for the placement.

When you invest in the right used forklift trucks for sale, you won’t have to worry much about warehouse problems. Just make sure that you consult the right dealers. They should have the best equipment in terms of its performance, the model, and maintenance history. Take your time and search for the right experts who can guide you well, and then make a well-informed choice accordingly.

A tip here is to choose dealers that have high recommendations. You can also consult your friends and family and select the right experts accordingly.