How to Style a Little Black Dress

Black Dress

The little black dress, or LBD, has been a must-have in every stylish woman’s wardrobe for the last 100 years, and there’s a reason why! This piece is incredibly versatile, chic and, when you get the right cut, universally flattering! The concept of the little black dress was created to be worn from morning until night-time and was brought to the forefront of the fashion world by the minimalist queen herself, Ms. Coco Chanel.  Since it’s rise it has stayed at the pinnacle of stylishness, loved in the contemporary world over for its fabulous simplicity and undeniable ease. If you’ve got yourself a beautiful black frock, or you’re in the process of scouring the internet for the perfect black dress, you need to think about styling it! Here are a few classic, fun and creative ways to wear your LBD…


Going classic with a little black dress is super easy because the piece in itself is classic. There are multiple ways to go about this, you could go super classic and opt for a thin thread of pearls, pearl earrings and a pair of nude-toned ballet flats. If that’s a little too old fashioned for you, why not go ahead and channel the one and only Audrey Hepburn? Pick a cropped black shift dress, some tortoise sunnies, a pair of pointed black mules, a faux croc leather bag and sip on some sheer tights, you’ll look like you wandered straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s!


A great way to make any piece look exactly on-trend in 2019 is by throwing a pair of understated, vintage-looking cowboy boots into the mix! This unexpected movement took the fashion world by storm earlier this year and the trend isn’t really going anywhere anytime soon. You could either go for a statement cream or white pair (a la Sharon Tate) or opt for a more understated yet equally as chic deep burgundy tone. Throw on an oversized blazer or cropped leather jacket to complete your runway-worthy look!

Weekend Chic

For a casual weekend vibe, throw on an oversized dark denim jacket, a pair of white sneakers and an ever so trendy crossbody bag. For a summer take, tie a crisp white button-up around your waist, slide into some woven sandals, add a basket bag and grab the oversized sunnies.


For a full boho babe get up, you need some serious jewellery. Slide on stacks of thin band rings, layer up the bangles, drape on a few gold chains and reach for the statement earrings! Add a pair of chunky flatform sandals and an airy kimono if you’re feeling theatrical.

Cocktail Hour

Your black dress is perfect for a casual cocktail party! Simply pair with some heeled ankle boots, a miniature black leather clutch and add a leather jacket if it’s cold outside. To dress it up a little more, go for a sleek low bun and swipe on some burgundy lipstick, you’ll be the chicest one in the room by far.

Office Style

The black dress in the boardroom is a total breeze! Add some intricate brogues or opt for chunky platform black oxfords, reach for your favourite oversized blazer and add a satchel bag for a pretty and polished, office-appropriate outfit! If you want to be a little more creative, add some white socks, suede shoes, a neutral corduroy jacket and a tiny backpack – extra points for a black bow in your hair.

Make it a Costume

If you are thinking that how this color can be used as a costume; then you will be surprised to know that the little black dress can be the basis of your perfect Halloween outfit. Each of the styles of the LBD can be easily made into a costume as black is the most dominating color of Halloween. Vampire, witches, skeletons, ninja, French Maid, pirates, Bat Girl, Black Swan, Zombies, Egyptian royalty or a masquerade grown are the best choices for you,

These are just a few ways to pull off a black dress perfectly – there are so many more! The key with styling is to not let yourself get boxed in by trends, other people’s opinions or self-doubts! Reach for what you love or for trends that appeal to you, you’ll feel amazing, promise!