How to Style a Red Dress

The simple red dress is the pinnacle of style for any special occasion. Red dresses are eye-catching, sexy and, when you bag the right one, do wonders for you figure! This piece can literally be taken along to any occasion, whether you’re heading to a wedding, office party, formal, special dinner, birthday party or just a good old night out on the town, you need a red dress. Looking to find your perfect fit to turn heads at your next event? Read on to find out how to rock your red dress in a few different ways!

Red Dress

Go classic

Classic looks are classic for a reason, they always work! A classic way to wear your red dress would be with some gold, cream or neutral strappy stilettos, an understated clutch in the same tone, and with a sheer red shawl draped around your arms. For perfectly paired makeup, it’s best to steer clear of colour. For a pretty and polished beauty look, swipe on a shimmering neutral eyeshadow, add a slick of black liner and mascara, powder on some sunny bronzer and add a clear gloss. This will add to the glamorous, old-Hollywood vibe that you’ve got going on, without totally overpowering it. For your hair, go for a sleek low bun or style some silver screen siren style waves.

Introduce a contrast

If you’re a fashion lover through and through, you might want to be a little more creative with how you dress up your red frock. Be experimental and add a contrast to really make the room’s breath away! An amazing partner for red is pink, in any form, but really the most elegant way to go is a soft, dusty baby pink. This looks super trendy, feminine and creative! Add baby pink mules, a soft-toned pink clutch, some tortoiseshell hair slides and a pair of delicate stud earrings to really stun.

Get beachy with it

Want to experiment with trends, but you don’t want to go too bold? Embrace the beachy trend! This is a great way to shake up the classic red dress look without feeling out of your comfort zone. Add a pair of gold shell earrings, wear a puka shell bracelet and drape your neck with delicate chains, embellished with beach themed charms. Slide into some understated, low heel sandals, bronze up your skin and flaunt natural beach waves! You’ll look modern, cool and relaxed, so this one is great for a holiday look, a casual dinner or a fun night out!

Play with the tonal trend

Dressing in just one colour is an interesting take on a pretty classic look. Tonal dressing is associated with great women like Jackie Kennedy, Kate Middleton and The Queen, and now, you! Wear your red dress with different variations on the colour to look incredible at your next formal or wedding. Add russet red shoes, opt for a fire engine toned clutch and swipe on a burgundy lip! You’ll look jaw-droppingly beautiful. Be sure to keep your jewellery neutral to avoid going overboard.

Be bohemian

Red isn’t the most bohocolour out there, but with the right accessories, it absolutely can be! Add a pair of tan boots, cowboy if you’re feeling playful, pile on the bangles, add some oversized hoops and maybe even a wide-brimmed hat! Keep the colours either red, neutral or cream to avoid looking too mismatched.

You should be super excited to slip on your dress and get experimenting with all the different ways to wear it! The beauty of accessories and style is that its all about self-expression, so always remember to factor in your own personal sense of style and you won’t go wrong!