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How to take care of your hair extensions on holiday?

Getting ready to set off for an unforgettable summer holiday? Whenever we think about sun-kissed beaches, clear waters and gorgeous tans, we somehow forget to tackle one of our most important treasures: the hair… or in this case, hair extensions. Let’s face it, most of us get ready for the holiday by prepping up our skin and packing our most stylish cocktail dresses, without paying too much attention to the natural hair extensions.

But if you want those long, thick tresses to look their best on your vacation, it’s essential to give them just as much consideration as you do your skin. After all, a set of gorgeous, luscious hair extensions is the perfect accessory to a skimpy bikini and a warm, summer glow.

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Why you need to take care of your hair extensions when on holiday

The same way you wouldn’t go out in the heating sun without your UV protection on should apply to your hair extensions and scalp. The extensions are, in fact, natural hair that needs just as much shielding from the sun as the rest of your body does. Between the sun, sea, and sand, your extensions are left looking all burned and frazzled, and that’s definitely something you want to avoid when setting out to enjoy the perfect summer getaway.

Hair extensions need extra care and attention during this season, especially when you are in a different climate. Salt and hard water are your hair’s worst enemies, so you’ll have to find a way to avoid or cope with them, in the best way possible. That being said, here are some tried and tested tips for taking care of your hair extensions on holiday.

Protection from UVB & UVA rays

As previously mentioned, protecting your hair extensions from the sun is mandatory if you don’t want them to look all dry and brittle during your summer vacation. Apart from using a high SPF sun product, it’s also recommended that you keep them shielded from the extra heat by wearing a hat or scarf, which you can use to style your tresses in a relaxed and easy manner.

The same goes for the styling products you use. Keep in mind that putting oil or serum directly onto the micro ring or tape extension will only cause them to become loose, so make sure you use hair oils on the hair length only. Choose from a variety of styling products with built-in UV filters that work to provide your hair extensions with super-silky smoothness, all day long.

To swim or not to swim

You’ve probably heard that swimming with your hair extensions on is a surefire way to get them dry, tangled and discolored, especially if you are a blonde. The chemicals, chlorine and heavy salts found in pools can cause real damage to your extensions, and even result in a couple of lost bonds. Swimming in the sea is no different because the salt will again cause the extensions to become altered.

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If you are wearing tape and micro rings extensions, it’s recommended that you tie your hair back into a ponytail or plait when going for a swim. By doing so, you’ll avoid tangling and pulling and help maintain their original look as much as possible. On the other hand, if what you have are clip-in hair extensions, we advise you to steer clear of the water.

So you get the idea… hair extensions and swimming pools don’t mix well together. However, if you insist on dunking your head under the water while wearing your hair extensions, take into account the following suggestions:

  • always wash your hair immediately after swimming
  • use a hair extension brush with flexible bristles to remove knots and tangles
  • don’t let your hair extensions dry before you brush them
  • use old hair extensions instead

Hair extension styling ideas

The best thing you can do once you decide to go in the water with your hair extensions on is to choose hairstyles that feel and look good at the same time. In other words, you can opt for care-free styles that are easily manageable and keep your extensions looking as flawless as ever. Plaits work best in this situation because they allow you to undo the hair easily after getting out of the pool.

Ponytails are also recommended if you have thick, long hair extensions. Aim for a sexy ponytail look and keep your locks super slick while tying them low on the nape of your neck. You could also try a thick side braid for a more glamorous appearance. Some of the best advantages of a side braid are the fact that it’s super easy to do, fits perfectly under a hat and can be easily undone.

On the other hand, you might want to avoid the messy bun. It will not only cause your extensions to knot and tangle, but this type of hairstyle will also make the removal of the bun when your hair is wet and full of salt water very difficult.

Post-holiday treatment

Don’t forget to make an appointment with your technician after you come back from your vacation. The constant exposure to sea, sun and sand will probably leave its mark on your extensions so a maintenance appointment with a professional will undoubtedly help freshen them up.

Give your tresses some well-deserved rest and let your technician check your bonds, replace any hair that needs changing and trim all split ends.

These are, in a nutshell, the most important recommendations for keeping your hair extensions in pristine condition even at above-normal temperatures. Whether hot, dry, humid or freezing cold, different climates and environments can take a toll on your precious locks. Tap into the power of gorgeous long hair and give your extensions the care and nurture they need to look as flawless as ever.

Follow through with our tips and we’ll guarantee you’ll have less to worry about when you come back home.

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