How to Use Email and SMS Marketing Together?

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How to Use Email and SMS Marketing Together?

We live in the age of advanced marketing channels with plenty of tools and technology to carry out promotional activities.

As you might know, the major goal of marketing is to draw the attention of a potential audience by providing superior value to grow the customer base by delivering good service and products.

For this goal, SMS and email marketing complement each other to offer value to customers and grow the fan base.

This article will be highlighting how you could combine email and SMS marketing. 

Besides this, you will also learn how to build a prospect list and the tool you need to find that email address. is the highly recommended email search tool to find the email address of the prospect, which you can use to carry out the promotional activity.

The tool uses advanced technology to identify the correct email format and comes with the free plan too.

You may go for the paid version once you are sure about the efficiency of the tool.

I hope this helps.

Now let us see more about the best combo of marketing for more significant results.

Cross Channel Marketing

It is reported that about ninety percent of the audience purchase from the brand that offers them a personalized approach.

With Cross channel marketing, customer satisfaction rates are higher among the businesses.

The Powerful Combo

Email and SMS are a powerful combination of cross-channel marketing. 

Together, these two approaches can make it easier for brands to make their prospects sign up for their service.

The cross-channel promotional messages regarding the offers and discounts can quickly reach a broad target market when you send a short and direct message to the prospects subscribed for your SMS and engaging content with a prominent CTA to your email list.

The CTA in your email or SMS will take your prospect to the targeted landing page.

Create Email List Leads using SMS

You can grow your email list with SMS marketing with no additional effort.

With this two-fold plan, you could acquire more leads for your email and SMS opt-in to receive marketing messages from you. 

To generate email subscribers, you can share an automated text to the users subscribed for SMS encouraging them to sign up for email alerts and avail discount on their next purchase.

Similarly, to grow the SMS subscribers, an email sign-up form would help acquire an SMS subscription.

For instance, when you send emails for an SMS subscription, add a field to capture the prospects’ contact numbers.

And then add the audience’s contact no. in your SMS subscriber’s database.

Secure Customer Relations

Customer engagements are an essential aspect of marketing strategy. 

When you run SMS and email marketing strategy together, it can do wonders for your brand as you could use email to nurture leads, build customer relationships, and SMS to boost the conversion rate.

Having the correct database to help identify which service or product to pitch to specific customers, a well-informed quality database allows you to understand who would buy what and when. 

It would help if you kept your database updated as there is a high chance for customers to change their contact numbers or email address. By keeping your data updated information, you can be sure of targeting the right audience.

Final Thoughts

As you understand the concept of SMS and email marketing now, it’s time t leverage email marketing and SMS marketing for your business growth.

Written by dookyweb

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