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How to Use Pinterest for Business? The Ultimate Marketer’s Guide

Pinterest is the digital answer to your mood board. It is the place where you can get visual inspiration to grow your business or make beautiful things for personal use.

Launched in 2010, Pinterest has become the first destination for brands to take inspiration for a lot of things. The current users on Pinterest account for over 250 million, and they come here for a wedding, furniture, and so on.

This number and a platform where you can make boards and pin things of every nature make it a great tool for brands. A brand can use Pinterest to market their product effectively.

So, how can you use Pinterest in its full potential for marketing your brand and products and services? Don’t fret; in this blog, we will cover the best strategies and methods for using Pinterest to your benefit.

Here let’s begin…

Before we dive into how to use Pinterest for marketing, let’s know what the need for Pinterest marketing is.

It drives sales: Pinterest engages shoppers as it helps them with purchasing decision. If they spend more time on the app, it will most certainly increase your sales.

It helps build a relationship with your audience: Individual finds the information on Pinterest honest and authentic. So, if a brand posts honest content on their account, they can easily build trust with the consumers.

It helps you with lead conversion: A recent study has shown that Pinterest can drive more referral traffic than Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

How to use Pinterest for business?

1. Select the right image

Pinterest is a visual platform at the end, and choosing the right image is essential if you want to succeed. Here are some tips:

The images should always be in high-resolution. Don’t use pixelated or blurry images as no one would click on them.

There are 175 pins, so make your images engaging and interactive. For that, you can use Canva to edit your images on a professional level.

Adding text to your image makes it more engaging, while also justifying it. It helps tell a story to the user, which appeals to them more.

2. Use hashtags for your images

Hashtags are important as they help a user find your content easily. The thing you should remember is to make sure that the hashtags are relevant and in accordance with what people are searching for.

If you use irrelevant hashtags, it won’t matter how many hashtags you use it will never work for you.

3. Pin other people’s content too

If you want to increase your Pinterest account to its potential, you cannot just think about your content. In a day, you should at least pin 10-25 content of other user’s and brands for specific boards.

It is necessary if you want people to pin your content across the board too.

4. Have a content strategy

Content is an important part of your Pinterest strategy. That is why before you start posting content on it, make sure that you know what your content strategy is? How will you create that content and how will it help you connect with your audience?

With a strategy you can make effective content and have better results.

5. Figure out the best time to post

Posting on the right time is also important. If you post your best content at a time when no one is online to see your pins, it will not work.

So, figure out when your target audience is active on Pinterest and post at that time. As per a study, the perfect time to post is between 8 p:m to 11 p:m and between 2 a:m to 4 a:m.

It is quite tough to be in the office and post at that time. For that, you can schedule your pins which are an option for business account.

6. Designing your tiles the right way is crucial

Image designing is crucial. Here are some tips for that:

Don’t design your Pinterest tile from scratch every time. You can use Canva template for that.

Use typography, colors, and unique images to make your tiles interesting.

It should have a consistent brand feel. Marketing using Pinterest is one of the best tools for growing your consumer base and increasing lead conversions. With these tips, it will certainly become easy for you to start with Pinterest marketing.