HR Support: Hiring A Manager

One of the common mistakes human resource personnel do when hiring a manager is looking a bit too much on the technical credits than the candidate’s personality. When hiring a manager, there must be a higher emphasis on traits. Knowing how the candidate will handle risk management and other important factors is extremely important. If you are about to hire a manager, here are some of the key thing that you need to focus on.

Understand why they are applying

Knowing the reason why the candidate is applying may help you see if they are the real deal. Tons of candidates are just there to shop around without really knowing and caring what the job that they are applying into. This is very crucial when hiring managers. They must be truly passionate about what they are doing instead of just applying for the fun of it.


Emphasize empathy

Empathy is probably the most underrated and overlooked characteristic for a manager. But not many know that having an empathetic manager means that he or she is a people’s person who can earn the trust of the team and lead them to the right path. Ask the applicants different scenarios and see how they will answer them.

Understands the core values

Every company has a core value that it stands upon. As a manager who represents the company, it is very important that the applicant understands and embodies these characteristics. Ask them if they read about the company’s mission and vision and ask them to explain what it means to them.

Dig into the past

Don’t be afraid to get deeper into the candidate’s past. Ask for a character reference and interview his references on your own and see how these previous employers feel about the person. Ask for social media accounts and see photos. Does the candidate have photos with previous co-workers? Does the candidate post something tactless? Getting deeper into the secret is the place to be.

Track record

The track record is still pretty much an important factor. Small business owners might scrutinize the resumes of management candidates more closely than with regular employees. This means that they conduct background checks more rigorously than regular ones. A type of peer review happens during the hiring process, where past employers and co-workers vouch for a management candidate’s abilities. Also, in the modern age of blogs and other online journals, companies might want to read any publications by management candidates, assessing the candidate’s knowledge. Do these and you’ll find the right manager.


Be sure about the specialization

Be discerning on what you are looking for.  Are you looking for a general manager, someone who will manage a branch? Or an operational manager, someone who will manage the whole office management? General managers do multitask and understand the fundamental principles of driving sales and creating good customer service experiences, but some small businesses have a large employee and customer base that is more effectively managed in compartments, by specialists. Analyze where the employee belongs to and you’ll be hiring a superstar in no time.

Sales, sales, sales

HR Support  Managers should also be good at the sales end of the business. Persuasion is a must characteristic that these managers should have. They must be charismatic enough to persuade co-workers and clients and of course, presents themselves well. For small businesses and startups, sometimes the process of hiring a good manager involves persuading candidates that the company is a good place to work. This is an exciting exercise that you can give to your application to see if they have what it takes.