Impact of Unions on Compensation and Work Lives of Workers

Impact of Unions on Compensation and Work Lives of Workers

Impact of Unions

The labor and worker unions were established long back in order to improve the lives of the workers as well as to safeguard their rights. The unions work for the betterment of the individual and community well-being of the laborers. As per the fundamental rights, every employee is entitled to the right to join a union. This is the sole reason employees demand for building trades council.

Unions limit the labor force in a business or trade to drive up the enduring workers’ remunerations. They also hold back financial growth and delay retrieval from the downturn. These labor unions assist all their members and provide jobs to laborers who were denied jobs earlier. This has been only possible because of collective bargaining with the employer.

Let us dive deep into understanding what impact do unions have on the lives of the workers.

1.  The Win-Win Situation

It is a matter of fact you will be left unheard-of as a sole employee. However, when it comes to the union, the employers are bound to arrive at a conclusion in order to get their job done. This is only possible for collective bargaining. Joining a union has its benefits. All the members of the union can demand better health care provision, increased wages, safety in the workplace, and reasonable working hours. The members are also called for discussions at times when things aren’t working as planned. Inputs from these members are also sorted after by employers after building the trades council.

2.  Dispute Resolution

Unions can come in handy in order to sort out any disputes that might arise in the place of work. There will be many such instances when the dispute resolution will not be possible within the employees and managers. In such scenarios, unions can be of great help in settling down things.

3.  Voice Out Concerns

It has been a tradition for a very long time that the weaker section has been suppressed. The executives of companies can advocate their financial interests and make out policies that benefit their business. Similarly, worker unions provide a similar opportunity to the workers, who are comparatively much weaker than the executives to stand and voice out their concerns in the course of policy debates. The labor unions have fought for the rights of the workers in front of employers. It can also be seen that whenever the unions have been on the back foot the interest of the employees has been intimidated.

4.  Increment in Wages

Unions can be considered to play a significant role in the increment of the worker wage from time to time. When the minimum wage rate is increased all the workers including unions and nonunion are benefited. It is very often found that members of the worker union use the power to secure a fairer share of their income. As per the common trend, a worker who is a member of a union earns more than a non-union worker. This is because of the enforcement of labor standards. The employers don’t play divide and rule policy with union workers however, they do play with the non-union workers. It is a matter of fact with the help of unions; living wage has been made possible for low wage works too. If your employer is not fulfilling your wage demands, then you can seek help from workers compensation lawyers.

5.  Improvement of Health and Safety Standards in the Place of Work

As per the statistics, 4800 workers lose their lives at their place of work every single year and the estimated number of occupational injuries is somewhere more than 7 million. Most of the worker unions all over the world have been working for the betterment of the workers at the place of work as well as educating workers about all the hazards that can occur. In this way, occupational injuries can be reduced to a greater extent. The members of the union are appointed as a union representative in the course of the investigation of any hazards at the workplace. This gives all the workers to voice their concerns to the concerned management.

6.  Post-Retirement Security

In most of the unions, the members are entitled to get security post-retirement from the job. The union plays an incremental role in assisting the retired employees to get all the retirement benefits from the employer. In the case of union employees, it is very likely that the employer will provide post-retirement benefits as well as a pension.

7.  Balanced Professional and Personal Life

Union workers get better benefits compared to non-union workers. The union workers are at all times more likely to get insurance coverage from the insurance provided by their employer. The employers contribute almost 78% of the total health insurance. Union workers are also entitled to a certain number of sick leaves, paid vacations, and holidays. The local 1 bricklayers union workers are also given advance notices regarding their working schedule, and they have got more input into the number of working hours.