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Influencer Marketing – How to Get the Right Influencers?

We all know the role of influencers in the social media game. Like popular bloggers with a large share of traffic in a given sector or niche, influencers are the stakeholders of social media with a large majority of followers and influence. 

Celebrities were few in the previous age where the internet had no role. Now, with social media for everyone to contend with and a yearning for content, influencers have started to play a crucial role in running the social media game. In any given niche, whether its gaming or fashion, it is influencers who set the narrative. They are the ones who can make a large volume of people perform certain actions. 

The power of influencers is not something marketers have not noticed. The primary goal of every marketing campaign is also to make customers and prospects perform an action. This is why influencers have become a prized commodity for brands. With their voice and reach, influencers can help set a brand on the right track with a simple tweet or a product endorsement. 

Paying through the roof to get an influencer is one thing, but getting the right influencer is another. We discuss how businesses should identify the right influencers for their business.

Study the Power of Influencer

I saw that many Digital Marketing Training Institutes have included Influencer Marketing in their courses. Sometimes, influencers who have a large following do not really have a lot of influencers on how their followers behave. This is typically the case with celebrities who don’t really have an online content game. Such personalities tend to have a thin influence audience and thus are less likely to be convinced into performing an action. 

Look Beyond Audience Size. Focus on Engagement

The main goal of getting an influencer is to basically create a buzz on social media. Instead of getting an influencer with more followers, brands should instead hire local niche influencers who can guarantee a lot of engagement. Enagegemtn with the key metric brands should be gunning for as that’s the only thing that will benefit them. 

In Conclusion

Many in the digital marketing game consider influencer marketing as something which belongs outside the field entirely. While some parts of influencer marketing do not exactly fall into the traditional parts of digital marketing, it is still a practice that has a direct impact on a campaign. In this article, we covered how the right influencers can be found in influencer marketing. 

About the Author – Chirag Desai is a well-known social media personality and digital marketing blogger with seven years of experience in the field. Besides managing his social media business, Chirag gives guest lectures on social media and influencer marketing at The institute is known for its digital marketing course in Delhi amongst other programs. 

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