Is Acquia a Good Alternative for Your Content Management Requirements?

Content Management

As far as the Acquia platform is concerned, it’s a cloud-oriented web content management system or CMS for creating, delivering, and making the most out of digital content as well as experiences. The platform’s focus is to build customized content and new web pages for content viewers, in spite of the devices they use to get access to such content and web pages. The platform utilizes Drupal as the base for its CMS services.

According to an article published on inc dot com, when finding out which of the digital assets or properties will execute the best for your business or enterprise, it is essential to mull over on scalability. Keep reading this article if you want to learn more about Acquia and its benefits for your CMS needs for business today. 

How does Acquia support CMS activities?

When it comes to the platform Acquia, it allows businesses to compose and arrange web page designs via pull and drop alternatives. These are easy to use for any user. Images, videos, and social networking content stored on Drupal or similar ones can be keenly modified to digital content as well as web pages optimized so that people could see the same content on every device. Consequently, the Acquia platform offers users inline and also WYSIWYG content sample and editing capabilities.

Yet again, the Acquia platform helps users make and save content to a primary data center, which, in succession, makes it easy and effortless for the people to try to find, get access, and recycle the content. 

As far as the users are concerned, they help to increase tailored workflows as well as promotions for content development, appraisal, maintain, and publication that go with the exact needs of their surroundings. Additionally, when the Acquia platform makes use of Drupal’s open interfaces and the API method for building its constituents, it develops into the uncomplicated process for companies or businesses to include the software with established third-party services such as Marketo or HubSpot. It also lets enterprises to customize the system to their precise needs by creating and using custom-made functions.

Also, an added Acquia product, like Cloud Site Factory, offers customized web content management or WCM templates and turnkey offerings for industry-exact verticals like life sciences, media entertainment, healthcare, as well as the government. The usage of the dual services and combining these could further help companies or businesses to distribute their content to the market quickly and without any delay. 

Businesses making the most out of Acquia

When it comes to Acquia and the WCM platform, it is one of the ideal choices for organizations interested in leveraging Drupal technology for their content management needs. Again, it doesn’t have the innate ability to develop an individual platform. Acquia users make the most out of the accepted Drupal tradition, the technique is developed on, and they get the accompanying advantage of a custom cloud-based platform. Moreover, for companies eager and enthusiastic to custom-program their individual as well as basic WCM application, the Acquia platform offers absolute admittance to the Drupal developer toolsets.

Know about pricing and licensing 

As far as Acquia is concerned, it offers its WCM platform through a monthly compensation that is based on an individual’s monthly RAM, central processing unit (CPU), and storage management or usage capabilities in the Acquia cloud setting. For business websites eager to develop their personalized or customized software that is Drupal-oriented, the Acquia platform also offers a singular developer or professional Acquia input that should be bought in except the necessary Acquia platform use payment. Then, if you like to learn what is Acquia? And its various functions, you can read up more material on the web. 

The platform Acquia helps in providing support to its WCM offerings with an internet library of user guides as well as a technical report. When it comes to the Acquia secure sockets, layer professional support costs, the same needs an extra 30 dollars every month. It does not comprise the value of an SSL certificate, though. For each of the subscribers, Acquia support provides assessments, inspections, recommended elucidations to application errors as well as efficiency issues, third-party inclusion modules, and of course, unobstructed infrastructure support.

Expedite multi-channel digital experience leveraging flexible content 

This is the digital age when a customer’s experience with your company, brand, or product is dependent on their preferred channels. That is what creates or damages your ability to fight nose to nose with your competitors and outsmart the others. 

Due to this abrupt rise of online or digital channels, companies and brand marketers must put together and build more content quicker than they are accustomed to do until that time and share the same all over to apprehend the needs and desires of contemporary, digital customers. As far as the content is concerned, it should go with the situation of each communication properly, be it a business website, a mobile app, email, or for that matter, other interfaces that have not been thought about until now. 

So far, numerous content creators, including editors, put an end to the one they’ve hit publish and not make it execute some robust content allotment plan. It signifies that thought leadership blogs, event announcements, or case studies, could not connect to the audiences, at least not wholly, having an insufficient impact. Why it is so? Well, your organization’s digital content is probably confined in what we call system silos, stretched in hard to access places. When it comes to the content created in a CMS, it lives in that particular CMS. It’s also planned for the accomplishment of a single website. A similar thing occurs for content developed in a marketing automation system. The material may be shifting into your emails and not to various online channels where it may obtain some value for your enterprise. 

Acquia content cloud helps in resolving the silos issue, and it’s is a content-as-a-service (CaaS) solution for secure, uncomplicated content development s well as syndication to preserve multi-channel online experiences. 

Final words

Acquia content cloud sorts out, unites authoring, and even helps marketers to develop content on a single instance, in an arrangement dissimilar from a presentation. It will let you employ that particular content smoothly on any device, channel, or in any circumstances.