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Is Laser Beneficial in Circumcision Surgery for Adults?

For every job in the world, there are many techniques that can be used to complete. Many of these methods use traditional tools and approaches but others incorporate the latest instruments and techniques. As technology is advancing so are the ways to conduct a task.

 This technological advancement also affected the medical field and new ways were discovered and especially when it came to various surgical procedures. The very latest development that has been made in the medical field is performing Circumcision Surgery for Adults through laser.

Laser Circumcision Surgery for Adults:

But a very important question arises whether the laser is the best option for this type of surgery or not? It has been seen that the various instruments used for circumcision were very successful despite the fact that it had many risks involved. But when the new trend of painless surgery came it changed the attitude of people and they were more inclined to have surgeries. When you will read further about the laser technique of surgery; you will know the advantages.

What is the Procedure?

Laser circumcision surgery has the same goal as any other conventional surgical procedure. But the method involves cutting the foreskin with the help of a laser beam. Sometimes CO2 is used with it to enhance efficiency.

  1. Initially, the penis must be cleaned thoroughly but carefully not to damage the penis in any way. You can use any type of antiseptic cream or solution.
  2. Mark the skin from where you want to cut it. Like in all procedures the skin is totally removed that covers the glans.
  3. The laser beam cuts the exact skin that has been marked. The size of the wound on the skin is small and there is less blood.
  4. Afterward, the penis is covered with a bandage to stop the very little bleeding and the patient is sent home.

Fewer Complications:

Although complications and risks are a part of every surgical procedure when you have performed surgery through laser it has very few complications. In ordinary operations there is a great of the surgery can go wrong but laser treatment can cover the following three risks.

Bleeding is Minor:

The use of a laser beam not only cuts through the skin bit also automatically closes the skin. As a result, bleeding is relatively less than in other procedure. This is the best surgical technique for patients with hemophilia.

Lesser Pain:

When your body experiences a surgical procedure; it makes the patient suffer pain that sometimes is unbearable. But the latest techniques of circumcision like laser minimize that intensity of pain.

Not Much Infection:

Another risk that is very common is the fear of having an infection. This circumstance develops when the stitches are not properly done or the surgeon accidentally operates using the wrong procedure. You can get more info about these complications from the surgeons at Circumcision Center.

The Recovery Time:

It really takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete the whole procedure starting from the pre-operative preparation of the patient to bandaging the penis. After this, the patient can go home but remember to visit the surgeon for follow-ups. It normally takes a week to fully recover but it can extend to 3 weeks.

After Laser Care:

Just like circumcision, the care must be taken in the laser technique. The patient must not do any rigorous exercise like sports and especially sexual intercourse. Avoid taking a bath immediately after the surgery but you can bathe after 3 days.

Be really careful not to damage the bandage covering the penis. Also if the penis gets wet then you have to pat it dry to avoid any creation of infection. The pain after the surgery is very little and can be tolerated but many individuals can’t bear even this amount of pain so medication is given to ease the pain.

Difference between Other Procedures:

The results, reasons, and effects of all types of procedures are the same. Many people do this surgery based on religious grounds. Others have their own medical conditions that need to be cured. Still, there are those who undergo to beautify themselves. But there are many differences between laser and other techniques.

Total Time Taken:

In conventional ways of circumcision, the time taken is longer. It takes almost a day to prepare the patient for the procedure, to operate and to send him home. But in the laser method, you are free to go home within an hour or maybe less.

Minimum Risks:

The risks that happen in any type of surgery like; loss of blood, infection, intense pain and swelling occur in the every circumcision surgery but laser minimizes it drastically. The patients experience the least possible pain, bleeding, and infection.

Diversity in Procedures:

The laser uses only one technique of CO2 and laser to cut the skin in Circumcision Surgery for Adults. Whereas, in a formal surgical procedure there are different tools and techniques used to remove the foreskin of the penis.