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Is Your Website Professional Enough? Find Out Here

A website is a public marketing tool that is used by any user who may come across your site. So, it is crucial to design it in a way, that the user finds it easy to use. Also, the designing the website is an important aspect and should be done keeping the requirement and needs of the customer in mind. There is no point in making an over-complex website design if nobody is able to navigate and use it properly. Website Professional Thus if you want to succeed and reach your business goals, use the latest trends, features, and tool to create a website that makes its interface user-friendly. So, research all these things as nowadays knowing WordPress or HTML is not enough to make a professional and good website.

Here I will cover 5 things that make a website’s design professional:

  1. Less is more

The website should not be cluttered with information and images, as this confuses the clients making it look messy and unprofessional. A site whose homepage has so much going on in form of text or images will actually see more bounce rate, and the customer won’t come back because it’s a hassle to find anything in there. Follow the mantra that less is more meaning that it is okay to leave some white space in the pages. Also, be smart with your content use fewer but descriptive words or break them down into short points as paragraphs look more cluttered. Similarly, for images, you can use white background or light tone so it doesn’t intimidate the visitor too much.

Website Professional

  1. Choose a color palette and stick to it

Invest time in finalizing the color scheme and theme for your website. The scheme should be such that it makes the website design simple yet attractive, but also incorporate the message your business is trying to deliver. The theme selected by you should also be consistent with your logo and other branding tools. For this, select three colors and make a palette and stick to it. There are many templates that provide good color palette and that too free. One more thing, the palette you select should complement each other and when combined should not look out of place.

  1. Sliders are overrated

Most designers swear by sliders but the latest trend suggests that using the slider in your website is over-rated as well as an outdated technique.  Also, the sliders tend to distract the consumers and sometimes even frustrate some prompting them to move to another site.

Instead of using sliders you can have a banner that represents your brand with text, that shows the USP of your product. The other advantage of not having a slider is speed; sliders slow down the loading speed of the website which is not a good thing. So, to improve the loading speed of the page its best to stick to static images.

  1. Always have a logo

Your business must have a logo that defines your brand and is bold justifying the vision you stand for. If you have a logo than it is important that you put that logo on the website, you can either put it on the top left side of the header or in the favicon (the icon you see in the address/title bar of the page). If you don’t have a website, then design it either using Canva logo maker or hiring a professional who can make a logo that meets your requirements.

Website Professional

  1. Up the navigation system

The navigation system for your website that links pages should be up to date and must have better-constructed links. You can achieve this by:

  • The main navigation menu should be visible enough that people can click on it, most times they are so small that you click on something else instead of the one you wanted. This happens mostly when you open the site on mobile.
  • The above point in no way means that you make the menu so big that it eats up your above the fold space.
  • To avoid the problems mentioned above, go for a static menu.
  • A footer that has important links to other pages or contact details is a must as some users like to go till the end and may find some link that interests them.
  • Make the menu for mobiles on the side, as it is better to use.

These were some tips that will greatly help you in creating a website that looks professional. A site with good designs can help your traffic and conversion link, content is important but so is the presentation.